DISCOVER: Elli Ingram and Her Debut Album ‘Love You Really’

Elli Ingram is a 24 year old R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from Brighton, United Kingdom who is signed to Island Records. Her musical influences include the likes of Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill. In September 2017, she released her debut album titled, ‘Love You Really’, which has been taking music critics by storm.

The lead single from the album, ‘Table For Two’ was met with critical acclaim and has gone on to achieve over 100,000 views on Ingram’s official YouTube Channel. The music video for ‘Table For Two’ is set in a cafe which features couples sitting face to face at tables for two, ironically.

Shortly after the ‘Table For Two’ music video, Ingram announced a new single, ‘Stone Cold’ which served as an instant grat for the pre-order of her debut album. Whereas previous single, ‘Table For Two’ was more of a jazzy number, ‘Stone Cold’ was full of raw soul from the Brighton singer-songwriter.

‘Stone Cold’ received moderated airplay across radio stations, BBC Radio 2 and 1Xtra. This lead to music critics across the country discovering a fresh new artist in the industry full of soul.

In September 2017, Elli Ingram released her debut album, ‘Love You Really’ via Island Records. The artwork for the album features Ingram sitting her pyjamas looking visibly tired, which was intentional. The singer-songwriter purposely had sleepless night to capture the tired aesthetic she wanted for her album artwork. The ‘Love You Really’ artwork was shot by Felix, who has also worked with a pop star we know and love – Dua Lipa.

The album’s track list includes previous singles, ‘Table For Two’ and ‘Stone Cold’ along with nine new tracks. Upon releasing her debut album, Ingram was instantly praised for her unique take on R&B/Soul music and was also compared to her inspirations, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse.

What’s next for Elli Ingram?

Elli Ingram is about to go on a short UK tour to further promote her debut album, which shares the same name as the tour. Will you be going to see Elli Ingram on tour after reading this article?

'Love You Really' Tour

The ‘Love You Really’ tour starts on Wednesday 28th February at a sold out show in Jazz Cafe, London and will finish in Dublin’s Upstairs At Whelan’s music venue. With a well-known label backing her material, we sure hope she gets the acclaim she truly deserves.

You can listen to Elli Ingram’s debut album, ‘Love You Really’ below:


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