Dwayne Johnson Named People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

As if “The Rock” wasn’t already a cool enough nickname for Dwayne Johnson, he has just been named People Magazine’s 2016 Sexiest Man Alive.

On the verge of an upcoming movie release with Disney’s Moana, Johnson has joined the likes of Adam Levine, Chris Hemsworth and most recently David Beckham with this title.

Check out his cover below!

Dwayne Johnson Named People's 'Sexiest Man Alive' 2


Johnson admits that confidence is key, and feels that this quality he developed over time may have led to him appearing sexier.

Johnson told People, “I’ve made big sweeping changes in my career over the years, which have served me nicely. But I feel that the big sweeping changes that happened in my life, in my relationships, of being a dad, of being a partner, and the things that I was and the things that I am, has really lent itself to a confidence.”

Johnson has been busy lately preparing for the November 23rd release of Disney’s newest animated film, Moana. Johnson plays a demigod named Maui who leads Moana on a daring journey.

Even with his busy schedule, Johnson still manages to find time to exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Johnson debuted as a WWE superstar in 1996 and has maintained a strict training schedule ever since. He took to Twitter to joke that he does everything sexily now!

Overall, Johnson is honored and flattered by this announcement, telling People,

“I’m not quite too sure where we go from here. I’ve done it all, this is it.”

Congratulations to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the newest title added to his long list of achievements!

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Written by Kirra Johnson