Ella Eyre returns with the catchiest song of the year, this is ‘Mama’

From a five-second teaser of the chorus on Wednesday, Ella Eyre already had fans eating out her palm with new single ‘Mama’. 

Teaming up with Banx & Ranx (the duo previously featuring on last year’s ‘Answerphone’) and Kiana Ledé, ‘Mama’ is Ella Eyre’s return to claim her title as one of pop’s most promising.

Since 2015’s critically acclaimed debut Feline, the 25-year-old has only dropped ‘Ego’ and ‘Answerphone’, amongst other collaborations. Now, returning from a Jamaican writing trip which “quite literally saved my sanity and was the start of this very special new era for me as artist”, the lion-haired singer looks to be back for good.

A tropically tinged burst of energetic electropop, ‘Mama’ sees Eyre pick up the pace from 2015’s debut – in fact, the track is something that could have come from Sigala’s world of pop hits like ‘Came Here For Love’ and ‘Just Got Paid’ (which both have Eyre’s vocals).

“Boy, I’m telling your mama, she don’t know what you done, don’t be acting like you’re dumb” the Brit warns with a wink. Having debuted the track at a release party for fans and friends alike last week, ‘Mama’ is now available for the world.

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Written by Toby Bryant

CelebMix writer and lover of all things pop music.

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