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Tissue Alert! Elley Duhé Released Stunning New Song “LOVE ME HARD”

“Will you still love me when I don’t kiss you first, when you walk through the door?” All we know, is that we absolutely love this new song by Elley Duhé.

Elley Duhé has just released her latest track, titled “LOVE ME HARD”, and it is a blessing for your ears. Created with Andrew Wells (who has also worked with 5SOS and Bebe Rexha among others), the “Happy Now” singer crafted an ode to true love that is both extremely heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.

“LOVE ME HARD” is a powerful pop release that examines what true love really means, apart from the fairytale stories we all have in our minds. On her Instagram page, Elley Duhé explained that the track is also dedicated to her parents who have been married for almost 30 years and have, therefore, been through all the ups and downs that a relationship brings with it but still keep going strong.

Instead of opting for a sad ballad, “LOVE ME HARD” chooses to take the uplifting road. Elley Duhé created a track that is filled with an excellent vocal delivery and lyrics that -combined- really make us tear up a bit, a quite bombastic chorus and a post-chorus made from heaven. “LOVE ME HARD” manages to go big without ever being over-the-top, it manages to be romantic without ending up cheesy.

Cheers to the “forever love”, as the singer put it! This is a story that we would like to hear more of.

Listen to the track right here:

“LOVE ME HARD” is available for purchase and streaming on the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice. The track was released via A Creative Music Group/RCA Records and follows previous songs such as “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT” and “NATURE”.

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