Eurovision 2017: Imri Ziv’s “I Feel Alive” Song Review

The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is certainly creating a buzz. With each passing day, fans are getting a chance to see great new song releases by participants from the contest.

On March 9th, 2017, Imzi Ziv, a participant from Israel, released the video of his single “I Feel Alive” for the contest.  He was selected to represent his country after he won the finals of the Rising Star.

“I Feel Alive” is an upbeat dance song penned by Dolev Ram and Ben Hazut. As it released yesterday, the single caught an instant attention. Amongst a plethora of ballads, this dance single has come like rain in the desert.

The song has EDM beats mixed with traditional tunes. The video is good; it successfully transmits the energy into the listener.

Even though it’s a dance single, “I Feel Alive” has a romantic narrative at its backdrop. The singer talks about how long he has waited for good things to happen to him but now, all he wants to do is be with his beloved.

Ziv was part of the contest in the year 2015 and 2016 as a backing singer for Nadav Guedj and Hovi Star. There are certain points in the video where clips of Ziv’s appearance in the contest are shown, probably to create a memorability among viewers.

The single “I Feel Alive” will surely give a tough competition to other released tracks. Israel has won the contest quite a lot of times but will the single be able to help Israel repeat its victorious history again?

If you still haven’t seen the video yet, check it out below:

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Written by Ayushi

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