Every Little Mix single from ‘Cannonball’ to ‘Only You’ ranked

August 19 marked the seventh anniversary of our favourite girlband Little Mix and what a journey it’s been. During their sensational career so far, we’ve seen them achieve everything from award wins, worldwide tours to platinum selling albums.

Over the past seven years, Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie have also released an incredible 19 singles. From their X Factor winner’s single ‘Cannonball’ right through to their most recent Cheat Codes collaboration ‘Only You’, we’ve seen Little Mix rocket to number one on four occasions, release charity singles, team up with some amazing artists, and deliver songs with empowering messages.

To celebrate Little Mix’s seventh anniversary, we’ve decided to rank all 19 of the girlband’s singles from over the years. Note – we adore each and every Little Mix song so this is just for fun and based on the favourites of some of the CelebMix team. Make sure you vote for your own favourite song right at the end of this article!

19. ‘Cannonball’

The song that started it all, and Little Mix’s first number one, ‘Cannonball’ will always be a special single as it rounded off their X Factor experience. However, in typical X Factor Winner’s single style, the track doesn’t do the girls the justice they deserve, with future singles showcasing exactly what the girls are capable of.

18. ‘Word Up’

As one of two covers released by the girls, ‘Word Up!’ doesn’t quite have the same impact as their other material, however, they did a great job of adding their own unique spin to the song. Plus, the cover was in aid of Sport Relief and the girls delivered a hilarious video alongside it.

17. ‘How Ya Doin’?’ featuring Missy Elliott

‘How Ya Doin’?’ featured Little Mix’s first collaboration, with the four-piece teaming up with Missy Elliott. The song is a bop however, amongst so many incredible singles over the years, it often seems to be forgotten about.

16. ‘Wings’

‘Wings’ was Little Mix’s first release following their X Factor Winner’s single and what a track it was. Co-written by the girls, ‘Wings’ cemented Little Mix’s girlband status, proving to the world that they meant business. The track was the first of many empowering anthems from Jade, Jesy, Perrie and Leigh-Anne.

15. ‘Hair’ featuring Sean Paul

‘Hair’ is a sassy and fun offering from the girls, although Sean Paul’s feature doesn’t necessarily add anything to it. The track is the perfect bop for anyone who needs to get over a former partner who wasn’t worth their time.

14. ‘Change Your Life’

Here at CelebMix, we love a good power ballad and ‘Change Your Life’ is a mid-tempo anthem which will encourage you to go out and flip your world upside down. Serving great harmonies and vocals, Little Mix share a powerful message of strength and determination.

13. ‘Reggaetón Lento (Remix)’ with CNCO

Little Mix’s ‘Reggaetón Lento (Remix)’ with CNCO allowed them to cross into the every growing latin-pop genre. The sizzling collaboration showcased another side to our favourite girlband and left us wanting more. As their highest charting collaboration, we perhaps should have ranked ‘Reggaetón Lento (Remix)’ a little higher but with so many great songs under their belts, they can’t all be winners.

12. ‘Only You’ with Cheat Codes

‘Only You’ is Little Mix’s most recent offering and their first collaboration with American electronic music trio Cheat Codes. The track is a post-break up song however, is uplifted by the summery vibe throughout. The track also gets a thumbs up for its LGBTQ+ music video.

11. ‘Little Me’

‘Little Me’ is an underrated Little Mix single, but a hit amongst some of our CelebMix writers. The track, which is a letter to their younger selves, has an empowering message which encourages listeners to speak up for what you believe in and to have faith in yourself as a person.

10. ‘Love Me Like You’

One of the standouts from the Get Weird album, ‘Love Me Like You’ takes us back in time with its doo-wop, old-school vibe. The harmonies are on point and we’re hooked on the ‘L-O-V-E, love the way you give it to me’ bridge.

9. ‘No More Sad Songs’ with Machine Gun Kelly

Another CelebMix favourite, ‘No More Sad Songs’ is a strong single from the Glory Days era. Featuring a guest verse from Machine Gun Kelly, ‘No More Sad Songs’ is a post-break up track with just one aim – live your best life and move on from a relationship without the usual heart-wrenching emotional ballads.

8. ‘Black Magic’

How can you not love ‘Black Magic’? The track marked the beginning of the Get Weird era and opened up the girlband to a whole new audience. Armed with an infectious melody and in your face ‘hey’s’, ‘Black Magic’ is fun, vibrant, and a singalong anthem.

7. ‘DNA’

Released all the way back in 2012, we’re ashamed to say that sometimes we forget that ‘DNA’ exists however, as soon as we hear it again we remember why it’s actually such a great track. Little Mix’s sound has matured over the years but ‘DNA’ gave us an early glimpse into what we could expect from the girls. The track is powerful and has a darker undertone, with Leigh-Anne’s middle eight and the operatic style breakdown which follows being a particular highlight.

6. ‘Salute’

Anthem alert! It’s hard not to feel completely empowered by ‘Salute’. With its thumping beat and lyrics such as “Ladies all across the world / Listen up, we’re looking for recruits / If you with me, lemme see your hands / Stand up and salute / Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots / Representing all the women, salute”, ‘Salute’ is an iconic modern day girl power anthem.

5. ‘Shout Out To My Ex’

As the lead single from Glory Days, ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ paved the way for the girls’ most successful era yet. Notching up three weeks at number one in the UK, the 2x platinum selling single also won the girls their very first Brit Award. The post-break up anthem is a big ‘f–k you’ to any past lovers, and requires you to belt it out alongside the girls’ pitch perfect vocals.

4. ‘Touch’

As we enter the top four of our ranking, we must point out that any of the four remaining songs could have easily been our number one. ‘Touch’ is one of Little Mix’s standout bops which is certain to stand the test of time. Vocally, the track allows each member to shine and you can’t help but be completely captivated by the infectious beat.

3. ‘Secret Love Song’ featuring Jason Derulo

‘Secret Love Song’ is both a fan favourite and a huge hit amongst the CelebMix writers. The song, which depicts unrequited and forbidden love, has become an LGBT anthem and is up there as one of Little Mix’s best tracks. The girls serve some of their most stunning vocals and prove to be total powerhouses during the song. We like Jason’s contribution to the song, however, most would agree that the piano driven ‘Secret Love Song Pt. II’, which focuses on Little Mix only, trumps the single version.

2. ‘Move’

‘Move’ is one of the girlband’s most unique singles from over the years, and sounds just as fresh now as when it was first released in 2013. A balls-to-the-wall pop and RnB anthem, ‘Move’ is production heavy but doesn’t overpower Little Mix’s strong vocals. It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the girlband’s best bops from over the years.

1. ‘Power’ featuring Stormzy

Out of all of Little Mix’s empowering anthems, ‘Power’ stands out as a CelebMix favourite. Celebrating females of all walks of life, including their own mums, ‘Power’ is the perfect sass-fuelled soundtrack for all girl bosses. All four of the Little Mix ladies show off superb vocals, and we’re obsessed with Jesy’s ‘motorbike’ outro. Whilst we’d love for the song to feature a female rapper, Stormzy does a great job of uplifting women everywhere with his verse. Thanks to the unique melody, positive message, roaring vocals, and ultimate fierceness, we crown ‘Power’ as the best Little Mix single.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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