Exclusive: Aubrey Miller talks Just Add Magic Halloween

Aubrey Miller stole our hearts on Austin and Ally. Now her latest show Just Add Magic is having a Halloween special and we could not pass up the opportunity to chat with her on it!

Tell us all about the Halloween special for “Just Add Magic”.
“The “Just Add Magic Halloween Special” is an episode Amazon is releasing early as a teaser to get ready for Season 2. This special episode picks up the day after the Pluot Festival (Season 1 finale) and shows that Hannah, Kelly and Darby are on the hunt to find a magical spice that only grows on Halloween. What do they need it for? Stay tuned! It’s a spook-tacular adventure!”

What was the atmosphere on set like?
“It was really fun seeing all the sets covered in spooky Halloween decor. I was also really excited to see what costumes wardrobe picked out for me… Spoiler alert, Hannah wears more than one costume. Stay tuned to see what costumes and why.”

Would you be up for a winter holiday special?
“I would love to do a winter holiday special! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I would love to see our characters come together over a “magical” Christmas dinner and have my character Hannah sing and play the piano to some of our favorite Christmas songs.”

Exclusive: Aubrey Miller talks Just Add Magic Halloween 1

How is working for Amazon different then working with a traditional network?
“All of the networks I have worked with have been awesome! The biggest difference on Amazon would be the way they distribute the episodes.”

By the way, we loved you on Austin and Ally. Do you have a favorite memory from the series?
“Thank you! I have a TON on fun memories filming on Austin and Ally! I loved the way Megan Simms interacted with Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez. I found it so funny that a little girl made everyone around her very intimidated. One of my favorite scenes was the sleepover scene, and of course all the dares I made Austin and Ally do. Off set, during our lunch breaks, the whole cast would hangout in Calum’s dressing room and play games, make funny videos and play with Pixie the dog. it was always a really fun time on and off the set of Austin and Ally. FYI, I still have my Megan Simms hot pink sparkly high top shoes as a fun reminder of the time spent with this amazing cast!”

Since you’re clearly a Halloween expert, let’s see what your favorites are:

Favorite Halloween costume ever? “A few years ago I did a pop art costume and it was definitely one of my favorites!”
Favorite Halloween candy? “Probably a Twix!”
Favorite Halloween movie? “I have go with the classic It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.”
Candy corn or candy apple? “Candy Apple for sure! One of my favorite Disneyland treats is a caramel apple apple pie.”
Pumpkin carving or pumpkin painting? “Pumpkin painting!”
Spooky or Sweet? “Sweet!”
Ghosts or Zombies? “Ghosts!”
Witches or Wizards? “Wizards (throwback to Wizards of Waverly Place)!”
Hocus Pocus or The Nightmare Before Halloween? “Hocus Pocus!”

Make sure you watch the special on October 14!

Written by CelebMix