Carly Rose via Instagram
Carly Rose via Instagram

Exclusive Interview: Carly Rose Chats About New Music

Fans may recognize and remember Carly Rose from her successful journey on the second season of X Factor USA. At only 13 years old, she was a finalist and runner-up in one of the most intense music competitions in the world. Years after that experience and taking some time to perfect her craft, she’s now back with brand new music and confidently ready to share both her songwriting and musicianship yet again with the world. Rose has an upcoming EP that fans can expect to be available this fall and continues to release powerfully catchy singles with listeners around the world. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Carly Rose opens up about her latest single, dedicated fans and more.

What can you tell us about your upcoming single “twentyone” and its message?

I wrote “twentyone” in homage to artists like Lil Peep and Juice WRLD who rose to superstardom, then didn’t live to see their 21st birthdays. The song explores the lifestyle of excess and immense power that can be intoxicating, yet incredibly destructive, and these words are my feelings of that unsettling contemplation that sets in when the impact of our icons becomes the only thing left to idolize.

How does this track differ from the singles you have released in the past?

One of my favorite things to do while writing is talk about super heavy topics and package the song in a more accessible and fun manner. I like the idea of people being able to listen to my music on different levels. One time listening, you may have felt like you experienced a fun song to jam out to in the car with your friends. Upon another, deeper listen, I hope listeners can uncover the deeper meaning baked inside. I think “twentyone” is the most I have let myself explore this juxtaposition so far. 

“Twentyone” will be a part of your debut EP! What type of sound can fans expect to hear on that project?

Next for me is putting out more music more consistently! So far, I feel like I have barely gotten my feet wet in that regard. There’s so much more coming. Fans can expect to see me dive a bit deeper into my alternative rock roots. And, as soon as live shows come back, they can expect to see me performing.

You found mass success on the second season of The X Factor USA! What was that experience like and how did it feel to achieve that major accomplishment at only 13 years old? 

It was extremely surreal! I am very grateful for the experience as a whole. All the people I met and lessons I learned along the way have definitely laid the groundwork for where I am now as a 21-year-old artist. Being thrown into this world at such a young age and high level like that of X Factor, it prepares you in ways you aren’t even aware of while it is happening.

What are your goals as an artist going forward?

I want to keep finding new ways to challenge myself with the risks I take on the music I make and put out, as well as continuously pushing myself to open myself up more to the lovely people who have followed me on this journey. I am somewhat of a guarded person, so I often struggle with how much I give of myself on social media. For example, I want to keep finding new, authentic ways to connect with the people who support me because it is really important to me. I also want to be an artist with a killer live show. That is a major goal.

If you could work with any songwriter, producer or artist in the music industry right now, who would it be and why?

My answer to this is generally Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. He is my favorite songwriter and I think the way he crafts his storytelling is unmatched. He also does an incredible job at blending alternative rock music with a pop sensibility. There are so many layers. I am a die-hard Arctic Monkeys fan, so I know every single song they have ever released. But they have also captured the hearts of a broader audience with songs like “Why’d You Only Call me When You’re High,” while still maintaining their sound and integrity.

For listeners who have just discovered your music, what would you like them to know about you?

I want them to know that every word you hear in anything I put out is my own. Songwriting is such a huge part of my identity and I think it’s important that anyone who listens to me knows that this is all coming directly from me, not a room of 6 writers trying to piece together what they think I want to say. I decided to step back after X Factor and finish school to live an extremely normal life so I would hope all the experiences I write about are relatable to a lot of the people who listen to me. I see fans of mine in a way where we all are just growing up together like a group of friends. As the artist, it is just my responsibility to voice the things we all collectively experience and feel together. 

And lastly, what message do you have for the fans who have been here since the beginning?

To the OG fans, thanks for still being here. I made you wait a really long time to really hear me/get to know me but I really think it’ll be worth the wait. Just based on how excited I feel about what’s coming. To people just tuning in, thanks for being a part of this. Now my job is to keep you all here!

Listen to “twentyone” by Carly Rose here.

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