EXCLUSIVE: Danielle Bradbery Talks New Single ‘Never Have I Ever’

Following the release of her self-penned 2017 sophomore record ‘I Don’t Believe We’ve Met’ which racked up multiple ACM and CMT award nominations and put her on the map as one of the most powerful vocalists within the country scene right now, Danielle Bradbery returns with her stunning new single ‘Never Have I Ever’.

Along with the new track, Bradbery has also teamed up with Diplo and Zac Brown for ‘Hometown’ which is slated for a May 29th release.

Here we chat exclusively to Danielle Bradbery to find out more about ‘Never Have I Ever’ and its lyrical story:

How excited are you to be sharing new music?

I’m super excited! I haven’t put out music in a minute and it’s always a thrill getting to put out music I’ve been working really hard on.

Can you tell us a little about the writing process for this track?

We went into this day just throwing around ideas and talking about life! I love honesty and that was our direct goal in the write. Laura Veltz and David Hodges are magic when it comes to writing songs, so this idea was just so fun to write. It was a good day!

What are you hoping fans take away from this song?

I hope they relate and not even just women, men can relate as well! I feel like love songs aren’t around as much anymore and this is a fun version of a love song. Love is crazy and I hope everyone can listen or sing this song and feel confident doing it.

How much do you feel your life experiences since your last album have influenced this song and its lyrics?

From my last album up to now, a lot has changed! We all change and I’m still pretty young so I feel like every day is a learning day haha! I got out of a relationship and I had time to learn from that and evolve, this song explains everything about meeting someone new unexpectedly!

Is this the sonic sound we can expect from your forthcoming third LP?

I think I’m always going to have fun with the sound of my music, but always have my country core. I never want to go too crazy, but “Never Have I Ever” is definitely pushing the boundaries of the traditional country sound.

With Never Have I Ever, what do you hope to convey sonically and lyrically?

I was braver with my sound on this song, and I hope it reaches a bigger platform. Boundaries between genres are much more blurred nowadays! Lyrically I’m always going to be so honest with my fans because I want them to be able to relate to real feelings.

How does it feel to be releasing during this quarantine period?

It’s interesting! It’s really cool to an extent, but I’m also curious to know how it’ll do. Music is healing and I hope “Never Have I Ever” brings some joy to people just sitting in their homes, waiting out this quarantine.

A lot of artists are using this time period to create via zoom etc, have you been doing these sorts of things?

Yes! I’ve been using some video platforms to engage with people, writes, anything like that!

How are you and your team handling promotion during these times?

It’s definitely a challenge, but nothing we can’t handle! We get it done!

What would be your message to anyone who is finding comfort from your music?

I just want people to relate. I want them to feel confident listening and singing my music. I’m there for my fans through anything and I want them to know I get it!!

Feature photography credit: Peter Zavadil

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