Exclusive Interview: Jsky

We sat down with Mancunian fashionista, singer and successful event organiser Jsky ahead of his latest charity event MTV Staying Alive to find out what we could expect, and how you can get involved.

CM: Hi Jsky, How are you?
Jsky: Great thanks!! Hope you are too

CM: For everyone at CelebMix, Can you explain a little bit about what you do and who you are?
Jsky: Yes! My names Jsky, I am 30, I don’t look it I know! I am a singer from Manchester, I kindly got given the title fashionista which I love! I didn’t know what it meant until recently, but I think that a fashionista is someone who is just not scared of clothes, and wears whatever they think is right for them at that time, and not be defined to anything! So I’ll happily wave that flag!

CM: So, you organise a lot of events, which are all for worthy causes. Are there certain charities that are closer to your heart and you are an ambassador of?
Jsky: Yeah, at the moment I am an ambassador for the charity Forever Manchester who, help fund a lot of community projects in the city. But for me, whenever I see something where I can make a difference, or particular a group of people who are quite vulnerable and I can help them, then I will always try and do more. I think the more you get the more you should give, and whenever you get opportunities to do that you should help people. I’ll always try and do what I can!

CM: Now, the last event you organised we were treated to you performing your latest single, what was the response like to that?
Jsky: Well everyone has been asking when it’s out, and I’m asking the same question! I’m hoping at the end of this year, beginning of next year! I have actually got a remix of another one of my singles, Liv, coming out on 20th October signed to a house label in Amsterdam.

CM: Let’s talk about your upcoming MTV Staying Alive event, can you tell us a bit about that?
Jsky: Yes! So, I found out about the charity Staying Alive through Kiehls, and when I found out about the amazing work that The Staying Alive foundation do with HIV, I knew I had to help. So, myself and Kiehls partnered up to plan this event, which is happening on 26th October, to help raise awareness and money for such a worthy charity.

CM: So your event is going to have performances from people two people who we have actually backed at CelebMix for a while now, so that’s great to see! Kiera Weathers and Kris Evans will be performing on the night, so as well as them, what else can we expect from the night? 

Jsky: Kiera and Kris are just two performers at my event, and they are both on the verge of something big. Kiera has just reached 5 million streams on Spotify, and Kris has just released his single last week, so I think its nice that they are at the tipping point of their careers and this event will increase their awareness even more. As well as the music side, there will be lots of stuff going on, such as a raffle, which we have some amazing prizes for!!

CM: It all sounds incredible! Now this is quite a small event, so for people who aren’t coming, how can they still get involved?
Jsky: Yes, even if you’re not coming please, please do get involved! You can promote it via social media using #MTVxSAF  and you can also donate £5 by texting “ KIEH £5” to 70070.

Let us know if you have heard Jsky’s single or if you have got involved promoting the event, @CelebMix

Written by gabbyfabrizio

20 years of age, always writing, attending gigs, or drinking coffee.