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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Luca Schreiner

Luca Schreiner is a 23-year-old DJ from Stuttgart who has been busy putting his stamp on the music scene with his unique blend of classic deep house, tropical influences and progressive house.

After spending over four years as a music producer, Luca decided that it was time to step up into the spotlight as a DJ. His debut single ‘Missing’ was released via Ultra and allowed him to make his mark as an artist. The track has since been streamed over 10 million times on Spotify.

His unique style and the success of ‘Missing’ drew the attention of others and led to Luca being asked to do remixes for some of the biggest labels in today’s music business. He has created official remixes for the likes of OMI, Louis Tomlinson, Alessia Cara, Pitbull, Matoma, James Arthur and more.

In fact, his most recent release is an official remix of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘I Don’t Think About You’. Once again, Luca has proven his incredible talent by putting his own spin on the song, adding even more value to the already extraordinary track.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Luca about creating a remix for Kelly Clarkson, his favourite and most challenging remixes, the influence of Stuttgart on his music and much more. Check out what he had to say below.

luca schreiner

You’ve just released an official remix of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘I Don’t Think About You’. Can you tell us a little about how this opportunity came about?

I actually did another remix for Atlantic Records, when the A&R told me that he’s also looking for remixes to the latest Kelly Clarkson single. He was telling me that it might be a difficult track to remix, but I was sure I could turn this into something cool!

The track is originally an emotional ballad. How did you go about putting your own personal spin on the song?

Exactly, the original track is super slow and more of an emotional ballad. I tried to stay in the same harmony of the original but at the same time bring in my own sounds and turn this into something more contemporary.

Kelly is one of the most talented and powerful female singers of our generation. What was it like to work with her?

I was super honored to get asked to deliver a remix. She’s definitely one of the most successful female artists of our time and I’m super proud to have worked with her.

You’ve released a lot of official remixes for artists including James Arthur, Louis Tomlinson and Alessia Cara. Which remix have you found most challenging?

The most challenging one was probably the remix I did for Alessia Cara. I delivered two completely different version to the label before they were 100% happy with it. But it was definitely worth it!

Whilst you’re proud of all of your remixes, is there one which stands out for you as a particular favourite?

The remix I did for James Arthur is definitely one that stands out to me. It was such a success and it’s about to cross 20 million streams on Spotify which is absolutely insane!

Who would you like to work with on a future remix?

I’m a huge fan of The Chainsmokers! Their writing is always on point and I’d love to work on a remix for them one day!

Aside from remixes, you’ve also released some original material. Can we expect more new music from you this year?

Absolutely! I’ve been locked in the studio the past months and worked on a lot of new original music which I can hopefully show you guys very soon!

You spent four years as a music producer before stepping out as a DJ. What pushed or inspired you to make that move?

I definitely needed that time to improve my production skills and it was also super helpful to get to know the scene in general. After these four years I just felt it was time to get out and also release the music that I’ve been working on for so long.

You have a unique sound which blends classic deep house, tropical influences and progressive house. Who inspires you musically?

As I already mentioned The Chainsmokers inspire me a lot in my musical process, not only is their writing amazing but also their ability to always meet the pulse of time.

Has your hometown of Stuttgart influenced you musically? What was the music scene like there when you were growing up?

The music scene here in Stuttgart is kind of mixed. There are a lot of hip hop and mixed music clubs but also some underground clubs that only play techno and real deep house music. I wouldn’t say it influenced me that much in my writing. Probably more in my work-ethic, I’m always on time and I’d say I fulfill most of the cliches that everyone has about Germans ;-)

luca schreiner

You’ve played at some of the biggest clubs and festivals and have a string of exciting gigs lined up. What can one expect from a Luca Schreiner set and what do you enjoy most about performing?

I do play a little different music than what I usually produce. It has more energy and more drive but still features some amazing melodies that relate to my production stuff.

If you could only play the same five songs during your set for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Definitely some Throttle stuff and probably some remixes of CID. I think they’re doing an amazing job in producing melodic but at the same time super powerful and uplifting tracks.

You attended this year’s Mixcon as a speaker and also gave feedback on people’s productions. How did it feel to be able to give advice to the next generation of budding DJs?

It was great to meet these guys. I was super impressed by the overall quality that their tracks had and it’s always nice to give back advice to producers that just started.

What else do you have in store for 2018?

I have another big remix coming up that hopefully comes out really soon as well as new original material that is already finished and is just waiting to get released. Touring-wise I’ll be playing at the Bootshaus in Cologne on the 5th of April, one of the best clubs in the world according to the DJ-Mag, for which I’m super excited about!

Thank you to Luca for his time. Make sure you keep up to date with him via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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