EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Reggie ‘N’ Bollie

2015 X Factor stars Reggie ‘N’ Bollie have been taking over the airwaves with their infectious debut single ‘New Girl’, and have been hard at work recording their first LP.

But the boys’ still found time to chat exclusively to Celeb Mix about everything they have been up to since the show ended, how they feel about the success of their first single and reveal all about that possible Cheryl collaboration and their tour plans. Plus much, much more.

So much has happened since the X Factor, how are you dealing with your new found fame?

We are still enjoying it [fame] but we feel more hard-work needs to be put in to maintain it [fame].

How much has the X Factor changed your lives?

The X Factor has changed our lives completely and has given us the chance to look after our families very well.  

Did you enjoy your time on the X Factor tour?

We really had fun on the X Factor tour, we enjoyed every minute and every second. It was a real eye opener for us because we had the opportunity to perform  to thousands and thousands of fans week after week. And [we] also had the chance to learn more about our music career and the music industry.  

Do you have any plans to do a headline tour of your own soon? 

Definitely want to headline our own tour but [we] want to be sure we put a lot of our own songs out there so we could treat our fans to more Reggie ‘N’ Bollie songs.  

Your debut single ‘New Girl’ is taking over right now, how excited are you by the response to the song? 

The response to ‘New Girl’ has been overwhelming and has really motivated us to work hard to bring out more songs as it shows us that there is much more love for us out there. The song is getting huge support in countries we have never been to for example; Denmark, Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines etc.  

You shot the music video for ‘New Girl’ in your home country of Ghana, what was that like?

It was a wonderful feeling shooting the music video in Ghana. We had the opportunity to meet family members and friends who we haven’t seen in a long time. And the fans in Ghana who followed our X Factor journey via the internet were glad to see us back home to shoot a debut music video after the show. 

You were mobbed by thousands of fans on your return home, how did you feel when you stepped off the plane and saw all those people waiting for you?

When we got out of the airport and saw the amount of people waiting for us and chanting our names, we were overwhelmed. It made us proud because we could tell how the people back in Ghana were motivated by our achievements on X Factor to chase their dreams wherever they find themselves.  

Who inspired you to get into music?

Bollie: I just genuinely loved music from my childhood so for me I will say my inspiration is within me and the love I have for music. Reggie: Shaggy, Dmx and Beanie Man inspired me to get into music. 

How did you feel when Littlewoods asked you to be the star of their latest advert?

We were overly happy because it wasn’t something we were expecting. But [it] felt like another great opportunity given to us. It also shows that you always have to put in hard work in whatever you do because you never know who is watching.  

You are still very close to your former mentor Cheryl, what is the best piece of advice she has given you? 

The best advice given to us by Cheryl is to stay positive all the time and never pay attention to negativity.  

You have talked about the possibility of a collaboration with Cheryl, how close are you guys to releasing a song with her?  

We just want to find the right song for her so we are constantly in the studio working but she has already given her word that she would gladly do a song with us. 

As we all know Cheryl is busy working on a new album, if she was to tour again would you two be interested in being her support act? 

We will always be at her service. Cheryl is our boss and we would be more than glad to be her support act if she decided to tour again. That is going to be like a reunion of our vibing sessions during our time on X Factor with her.   

You were also music stars in Ghana, how do you think the African and British music industries differ? 

The business aspect of the UK music industry is really strong compared to the industry in Ghana. Over here in the UK proper structures have been put in place to make sure things run smoothly and professionally and makes an artist appeal globally. But we know the Ghana industry is slowly picking up. 

Your first album is due for release later this year, can you give us a title of one of the songs on the record?

We wish we could do that but we will keep it a surprise for our fans. 

You both seem incredibly close but is there anything you find annoying about each other?

Fortunately we’ve not found out about that yet, but time will tell. 

You are famous for your positive outlook what is your favourite quote?

Our favourite quote is; “man is never a failure until he quits in his mind”. 

What would you like to achieve in the next ten years? 

In the next ten years we would want to be a band known worldwide and use our resources to impact society positively by supporting charities and championing worthy causes. 

‘New Girl’ is available to download now

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