EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Eemia

Eemia is a singer/songwriter from Clitheroe , she has more than 2,000 subscribers on YouTube, and more than a million views.

Eemia also has more than 3,000 Twitter followers, the British singer/songwriter is currently unsigned, but is on the lookout for a label.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the rising star, for a short interview via email.

Have you always known you wanted to be a singer? 

No, it wasn’t one of those stories where I could say I’ve been singing since I was born. I just used to have a loud mouth and sing like Pavarotti to annoy my sisters…. I played the piano first and loved composing. It was one random day when I started to write lyrics and it went from there


How old where you when you first performed live?

15 Years


Do you write all your own materiel?

I love to write and perform my own music, but I also love to put my Eemia Twist on other tracks!! That’s fun too


Would you ever consider entering a talent show like The X Factor?

Not now no


If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?

Hmmmm I have so much respect for Ryan Tedder and would love to work with him. He’s incredible



Who is your favourite artist at the moment?

I love Sia


What venue would you love to perform at?

The Royal Albert Hall



Would you rather win a BRIT or a GRAMMY?

I’m a Brit… I have to say a Brit!!!  but I’m not going to turn the other down


If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

Hmmm that’s a hard one, I think I’ve got to have more time to answer that…. One thing???



Do you think women have a harder time in the industry?

Some of the most successful artists/groups are women

Spice girls
Taylor Swift
Destiny’s Child

The list goes on! I think women can speak for themselves!!! We’re tough!


Do you think free music streaming is damaging the to the industry?

I think streaming makes music more accessible. I feel we have to move with technology, but more things have to be put in place to protect the artist and the people involved


Do you think its easier or harder to make it now?

I couldn’t say, I’ve not experienced what it was like before. I think everyone has had to work their arse off!!! And keep motivated and just keep going! And the hard work will pay off!


What would you like to achieve in your music career?

I want that crazy moment when you look out to thousands singing along to your own song, I think that would be pretty incredible



You can follow Eemia on Twitter @EEMIAmusic


Written by Laura Klonowski

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