EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Lil Eddie

Lil Eddie is an exciting talent who was discovered aged just 16 by Diddy. During his career he has worked as vocal coach on The X Factor US where he worked with the likes of Fifth Harmony and the Puerto Rican producer has also produced for the likes of Usher, Jennifer Lopez and Pink.

Now, Lil Eddie is back with his brand new single ‘Island’ and here he speak exclusively to the star about his music career, new single, and future plans:

Your new single ‘Island’ is out now, can you talk us through the inspiration behind the song?
Island is a story that describes the stage of vulnerability.? ?When you realize you want your love back. You can’t do it alone. “No man is an island”

What do you hope fans take from the song?
My passion, my art, a relatable emotion! My frequency.

Do you have any plans to release a new album soon?
?Focusing on singles at the moment. Album or EP will come later.

Of course you’re not just a musician but also a voice coach, and have worked with the likes of Fifth Harmony, what was that like?
Amazing?,? I always knew the girls were special and would be huge even thought they didn’t place 1st! They filled a void and the group had 3 ?L?atinas in it so they were able to sing in Spanish and English! I always pushed the idea of ?L?atin artist working with Syco and X factor! Fifth ?H?armony was the new generation of cultural bi-lingual artist. 

How do you feel being a voice coach helps you in your own career?
I think music is the universal language. Being able to discover new talent and be a part of many legacies is the ultimate gift, goal, and blessing! ?Every opportunity is a ?v?ery ?b?ig? o?ne for a guy like me who once ate out of garbage cans in Harlem with his family.

You’re well known in Japan and are now getting big in Europe and the US, how would you describe the difference between the music scenes?
I say Europe and Japan are markets that have particular sounds. I’ve learned the markets and the heartbeat of the culture travelling. I lucked ?out,? never expected to be so embraced honestly. I just do music and pray the world finds something to love and take from it. 

What are your long term career goals?
Books, movies, my own label. I have 3 artist Johann Vera, Alondra, Yung ?R?af. ?And continue to release more and more ?L?il ?E?ddie music.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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