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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Dashiki Premiere Video To Debut Track “Forget You”

We at CelebMix are ready to step away from the cold, rainy season so we decided to bring some sunshine into your lives! In order to do so (and because double the fun is always double the pleasure), we thought: why not solely give you something sweet for your ears but also introduce you to some nice, uplifting visuals, as well?

That is why we are proud to present you the exclusive worldwide premiere of the debut video of up-and-coming DJs Dashiki on this day.  The video accompanies the DJ collective’s debut single “Forget You” for which Boy Matthews (aka the singer behind Duke Dumont’s chart-topping record “Ocean Drive”) provided some stunningly smooth vocals. Even though the song itself muses about a love that should be long forgotten, the track is surprisingly uplifting. The record seamlessly blends chilled tropical house-ish beats with the singer’s vocals and gives us maybe one of the first real, musical Happy-Go-Lucky moments of the year.

Listen to the track down below:

The video picks up the lyrical content and uses them in its concept. It starts with an image of waves, the ocean, and a woman dancing by it. During the course of the song, we see our main character putting on VR glasses and looking back at the memories he made with this girl through an app called “MemoryGone”. One by one, the images of the girl are deleted and he “forgets” about her, only to realize, as the story progresses, that forgetting might not be his favorite option after all.

The video not only transports the lyrics perfectly but also the musical vibes. Sweet and sad at the same time, the feel-good song finds its perfect match in the light but moving video that perfectly captures the many vibes that were involved in creating the song.

You can watch the video right here if you want to:

Click here!

Upon asking about its origin, the DJs explained that they got its name Dashiki from the traditional African dress which shows different patterns mixed into one clothing article.  The Dashiki project also involved different “patterns” so-to-say: singers, dancers, designers and video makers, of both European and African origins, collaborated with the DJs & producers on this new idea in order to create a mix between the culture and the music of these societies. Dashiki is also an anagram of three members of the collective: David, Shif and Kimbo.

We at CelebMix are definitely excited about the future of this project!

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The first single “Forget You” was released last year exclusively via Sony Music. You can download and stream it on the digital retailer of your choice.

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