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Exclusive Premiere: Joe Settineri releases the music video for “Batman Cries”

Some of the greatest works of art talk about some of the most commonly felt human emotions – the emotion of love, envy, hate, and pain. Joe Settineri is a singer-songwriter whose purpose as an artist lies in conveying the sincere and the raw human emotions. As shared by LML Music, Joe switched his area of the profession and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for music.

“He rapidly became a highly sought-after vocal artist and has since been featured in numerous voice over projects and programs on MTV, VH1 as well as a starring role in the 2005 film The Highway Man. Joe has also been seen on stage from Los Angeles to New York to London in numerous starring roles in such shows as The Who’s Tommy, The Full Monty, Town Without Pity, One Way Ticket To Hell, The Last Session, and the Monterey Opera’s Candide.”

Today, at CelebMix, we are premiering his new single “Batman Cries”.  As the title suggests, the song talks to those who had once seen the downhill in their life. Not just the ones who had but also to people who are going through a tough time during their life. Settineri shares his belief that everyone has a hero within them and it is only when one realizes their inner power are they able to overcome their pain.

Check out the music video below:

As shared by the artist,

“The new video for BATMAN CRIES isn’t necessarily about Batman per se, but instead explores the inner superhero in us all — the strong, inner-spirit that fights for us and keeps us moving, dreaming, and striving. It’s about the possibility – or the eventual reality – that even our strongest “self” needs to be reassured, lifted up, and cheered on. It’s about being down – seriously down – with seemingly no way up and finding that inner strength to go forth. When a superhero is down, it tears us apart, but when the superhero is us, it’s a matter of life and death.”

In terms of musicality, “Batman Cries” is a powerful single and Settineri has been able to convey his emotions well. The sincerity that one finds in his lyrics is also visible in his vocals and the music video. The music video is an addition to the conversation around embracing one’s self and Settineri’s song is an interesting take on the concept.

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