We spoke with New Hope Club’s fans to find out why they love them so much

New Hope Club are a British band signed to The Vamps’ label ‘Steady Records’. In just over 11 months, New Hope Club have won the hearts of fans from across the globe, and so we thought we’d ask what makes you love them so much. These were some of your replies.

Stephanie | 14 | USA – “When I watched your first cover, I knew that I was going to live you, but I didn’t realise how much. You guys came into my life when I was going through a rough time. My parents were getting divorced, school was stressful, and I was having friend problems. You guys bring me so much joy and happiness. Every time I watch a Club Cam I laugh and I forget about the world around me. I am so proud of you!

I am so proud of you! You have come so far and I can tell you are just going to go further. I can’t wait for the day that I see you live, and maybe even meet you! I am so honored to be able to stan a group that has real talent. So many people today are fake and use auto tune, but not you. So, yeah. I love you.”

Nayla | 14 | Indonesia – “I love New Hope Club because when I first saw them they were just like simple kids making good covers. They make their covers not something regular, but something unique. They’re also very humours people.”

Alice | 14 | UK – “They’re three talented boys and are so dedicated to their music. I’ve met them once before and they’re so nice and genuine.”

Lucy | 16 | UK – “I love New Hope Club for many reasons, one being that they are so unbelievably talented. Whether it be online with covers on in person at a live show, their talent is clearly shown and is clearly amazing.

Another reason I love New Hope Club is that they’re such lovely, genuine guys and it’s such a nice thing to see. Whether it be when they’re interacting with fans online or meeting them in person, they’re always so lovely about it. You’ll never see the band being hateful or disrespectful to a fan and it’s something that’s amazing to see.”

Emily | 13 | UK – “They’re just so sweet to people and will do the best for their fans. They also make me laugh on a daily basis which I love.”

Leila | 15 | UK – “They are such nice, kind and genuine guys. They’re also really down to Earth and unbelievably talented.”

Sophie | 14 | UK – “They make me smile when I listen to their covers or see something on social media. Even when I have the worst day at school, I can come home and they make my day so much better. My life changed that day I saw them at The Vamps’ concert in Birmingham.”

Emma | 15 | UK – “The New Hope Club boys come across as being so kind and genuine, and they’re amazing singers!”

Molly | 16 | UK – “New Hope Club are three very talented boys. They have worked so hard to get where they are today. They are also three of the loveliest people I have ever met and they never fail to make me smile. They deserve every success in the future and I know they will do amazingly well.”

Tiegan | 17 | UK – “I love New Home Club because they’re so tainted and they try to meet/interact with the fans as much as possible.”

Chloe | 18 | UK – “The reason I love New Hope Club is because they are so lovely and genuine to each and every fan online and in person. They are also unbelievably talented.”

Brenda | 16 | UK – “The New Hope Club boys are just so genuine and down to earth despite everything that’s happened with them in less than a year of being a band, between an arena tour with The Vamps after signing with Steady Records and touring with The Tide twice. I think that’s what I admire most, the fact that they’re still the same three teenagers that started posting YouTube covers back in October last year.
But obviously there are other reasons to love them as well such as their clear musical capabilities, I’ve personally always been a bigger fan of bands that play their own instruments, and I’m sure anyone who’s been to a show will agree that they can definitely entertain a crowd. They’re such caring lads as well, constantly doing their best to stay in contact with fans between Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook live streams and other forms of social media, usually on a daily basis, such as their Club Cams, which has helped create the bond they have with their fans. They never normally miss a chance they see to make their fans smile, whether it be tweets or follows or hugs and other requests to the people lucky enough to meet them.
Normally everyone has a favourite in a band, but New Hope Club seem to be the one band where people struggle to find a favourite and I think that shows in itself just how easy it is to fall in love with this band, I mean they’re all extremely good-looking, their voices just work so well together and the original songs that are known are all very, very catchy, so what’s not to love?


What makes me smile most about New Hope Club as a band though is the evident friendship of the three boys, almost like brothers I think. They just seem to enjoy their time together so much and the banter is great, between their own inside jokes and the ones they share with fans. Again on the social media factor, every once in a while there’s a video of something strange they’ve done on Instagram or in Club Cam, just to make people laugh. I think it’s just the carefree nature they have with an attitude along the lines of ‘Yeah this is us and this is how we’re gonna be’ that makes me love them most, they know they’re idiots but they know that’s a reason that people love them, plus they’re damn adorable idiots.”

Megan | 17 | U.K – “I love New Hope Club because they’re all super talented and genuinely care about their fans. They’ve created a sound that I really like and they smash every performance they do, plus they’re extremely funny.”

These are just a few of the many reasons why people love New Hope Club. Do you love them? If the answer is yes then be sure to let us know why by tweeting us @CelebMix. We’d love to hear from you.

Written by CelebMix