Teen Wolf: Favourite Stalia Moments

One of the many relationships to feature on Teen Wolf is Stiles Stilinski and Malia Hale, together their ship name is ‘Stalia’.

Stalia was first introduced in Teen Wolf season 3A, and since then the two have had some truly beautiful scenes together. Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite scenes.

‘I Would Never Leave Without You…’ Parallels

At the start of Season 4, when driving home from Mexico, Stiles confronts Malia about her leaving him behind when she ran off from his jeep in order to fight a berserker. The particular scene is similar to a scene earlier in the episode between Stiles, Scott, Kira and Malia where she says that if she was still a coyote and Lydia was weak or injured, she would leave without her. Stiles also mentions that he’d talked about this with Malia previously, that rules of the animal kingdom doesn’t apply to friends. However, when questioned about leaving Stiles, Malia’s answer was different to hers previously when it came to Lydia. She tells him that she would ‘never leave without him‘. For a character that spent a large majority of her life as a coyote and alone, something like this was huge for her. It wasn’t just about the fact that she wouldn’t leave Stiles behind, it was the fact that she was actually opening herself up to someone, that person being Stiles. She was leaving behind her animal instincts behind, for Stiles.

This scene is then parallel to another scene between Stiles and Malia, but rather than Malia telling it to Stiles, this time, it is Stiles telling it to her. In episode 7 of Season 4, because of the benefactors and trying to weaken the pack, they’re all in the school’s basement. However, due to the fact Stiles isn’t a Supernatural creature, he isn’t affected like the rest of them are, so he’s the only one who can freely roam around. When he tells Malia that he needs to leave, she responds with ‘You’re coming back, right?‘, to which he replies ‘Yeah, I’d never leave without you.

This is parallel to the other scene as it shows the mutual respect and appreciation between the two characters. Stiles wouldn’t leave without Malia, and Malia wouldn’t leave without Stiles either. Their relationship goes deeper than just words, and their actions show that too, because they really wouldn’t leave without each other.

The Morning Scene

This scene is basically Malia trying to wake Stiles up, however it is genuinely adorable. In the end Malia uses the best method she can think of to wake him up, she kisses him. Stiles then asks “What are you doing, I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet“, to which she responds “I don’t care.” The look exchanged between the two after that is truly something that words can’t describe, it’s love at its finest. She genuinely doesn’t care about little things like if Stiles has brushed his teeth or not, she just cares about him.


“I Like You A Lot…”

In Season 4, Malia visits Stiles while he’s in the hospital and after being locked in a room with him, the two of them start talking. In the show’s storyline, this was just after Stiles and Malia were going through a rough patch and this scene is an important part in their relationship. Malia explains that she doesn’t have much practice with things like forgiveness due to the fact she was a coyote for so long. Stiles relates the situation to math, which Malia responds that she hates. This makes Stiles ask if she hates him too just like she hates math. She replies “I like you Stiles, I like you a lot.” Now although this isn’t an ‘I love you’, the emotion and sentiment behind Malia’s words are almost the same, if not more, than if she’d told Stiles she loved him. Because to Malia, liking someone in that context is just like loving them, especially as Stiles will be the first person she has felt this way about due to her coyote years.

“That’s The One..”

In Season 5, Malia is talking to the desert wolf when she notices Stiles over Malia’s shoulder. At the sight of him she says “It’s him isn’t it? That’s the one.” This scene relates to a previous scene between Theo and Donovan. In this scene, Theo tells Donovan that if he wants to cause Stiles ‘devastating, soul-crushing emotional pain‘, he should go after the one he loves. For Stiles, this is his father, but for Malia, it’s Stiles. Malia doesn’t have a lot of people in her life that she cares about, but Stiles is one of the people she cares about the most. This scene is important and shows the strong relationship between Stiles and Malia because the Desert Wolf wants to ruin Malia’s life because she took her power, so she does what Donovan did, she goes for the one that Malia cares about most, Stiles.

“Control Is Overrated…”

This scene isn’t your typical love or romantic scene, however, it shows a connection between Stiles and Malia that is extremeley important. Stiles understands Malia in a way no one else does. In the scene itself, Malia is turning and because it’s a full moon it means she doesn’t have much control over it, so even though she’s tied to a wall she is still concerned she may hurt Stiles. However, despite her telling him to leave over and over, he doesn’t go. Despite the fact she’s snarling at him and has already said she wants to feel the bones crack between her hands, he doesn’t go.

What makes the scene so special is that he actually goes over to her, talking while he does. He tells her that he doesn’t think she’s going to hurt him, that he remember what it’s like from when he was the nogitsune. He also says one other thing to her which he learnt from when he was the nogitsune, that is that “control is overrated.” So overrated in fact that he undoes the chains that are basically the only thing stopping her hurting him.

But that’s not the only thing he does, he turns her back human.

“Just Concentrate…”

Alongside the previous moment where Stiles turns her back human, this scene is also proof that Stiles is in fact Malia’s anchor. He helps her control both the coyote part of her, and the human part. In this scene, Malia can’t concentrate, she can’t channel her inner coyote the way she wants to in order to help Stiles and the rest of her friends. That is until she kisses him. Kissing him helps her concentrate, he helps her control the coyote. That is because he’s the thing she holds onto, he’s the thing keeping her anchored to who she is.

These are just a few of our many favourite Stalia moments, but which are yours? If you ship Stalia and have a favourite moments, be sure to let us know what it is and why by tweeting us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix