Film Review: Hostel Part III

Hostel 3….this is the same story from the previous two films, just located in Las Vegas where the underground gambling circuit is still torturing people for money. Compared to the two first films this goes light on the gore, with even the torture scenes not containing that much. The violence is much more cut away from than the previous installments; it’s more about the drama this time round, which to be honest isn’t really that interesting.

People who watch the Hostel movies generally want to see them for their blood and guts, and this says to the audience “no, we’re not giving you anything of the sort”. The plot does hold your attention through to the end. It also offers some shocks from the torture, with the first scene being the main stand-out and also the most graphic.

It has that straight-to-DVD feel, but it’s still alright. In the end, it’s just for those who want to see a Hostel entry, and nothing else. Even they, though, may find the shocks lacking from the others in the series.


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Written by CelebMix