The Final Trailer For Stranger Things 2 Has Arrived

Stranger Things 2 is nearing more and more each day and whilst we are awaiting the night we all do nothing expect binge-watch; the cast and crew decided to give us one final trailer.

The trailer kicks off with Eleven sporting a new curly hairstyle and retrieving the waffles that Hopper leaves out for her in the woods before heading off on her journey to reunite with the gang. Will is coping with post-traumatic stress ever since being in the Upside Down; he begins to realise his time there is far from behind him when he see’s a shadow that is about to change Hawkins and it appears the laboratory has everything to do with it, just like the first time round. Joyce is attempting to help Will deal with how he is feeling whilst Nancy and Mike mourn the losses of two beloved characters; Barbs and Eleven (But they just don’t know yet that Eleven is on her way to kick some serious butt).

It’s now down to Will to stop this creature and his friends and family are ready to take each step with him and wipe it out once and for all. The gang will also be having the help from brand new characters Max (Sadie Sink) and her step-brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery). Let’s hope with their added help, the fight will be a little more bearable.

Another exciting face was revealed in the trailer, which you may not have noticed. Stranger Things is technically the new Goonies and the Duffer brothers have decided to sort of bring both worlds together by casting Goonies main character Mikey (Sean Astin). Going by the trailer, Sean looks as if he will be playing a scientist from the laboratory, making him a possible enemy to the show.

Watch the FINAL Stranger Things 2 trailer here:

Stranger Things 2 is out on Netflix, October 27th.

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