Five of Halsey’s Most Underrated Tracks

After Halsey released Badlands, she become an alternative queen. Ghost, New Americana and Colors grew to be her most recognisable songs, but the singer’s discography is filled with incredible songs that we want the world to hear. Here are our five most underrated Halsey tracks.

5.  Castle

Castle’s kick starts the album off by transporting us into a world where she is about to conquer all. The song is the epitome of what she is about; being a strong woman and making an incredible song.

4. Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday captures a California roadtrip in a 3:18 minute long song. It isn’t your typical love song, but that adds to the appeal. It is pure electro-pop at it’s best and we adore it.

3.  Drive

The production of Drive is probably what places the song in our list. The overlooked detail such as the sound of car keys jingling, starting the ignition and tyre screeches help create the image of a car journey. Truly incredible.

2. Empty Gold

Throw back to the Room 93 era, Empty Gold is a pure electro-pop anthem. The choir of voices present in the chorus add to the lyric ‘We’re the underdogs in this world alone.’ The song sits perfectly alongside New Americana, sharing the same idea, and deserving the same recognition.

1. Is There Somewhere

Landing in at the top of our list of underrated Halsey songs is the first track from the Room 93 EP, Is There Somewhere. There is a haunting aura about it, with angelic echoes and narrates a Romeo-Juliet type love affair that clearly left a mark on her. Ending the song with an echoing beat and the lyrics “can we pretend that we’re in love” adds to the raw emotion present in the song.

Did we include your most underrated track? Or do you have another that you are desperate to tell us about and feel the whole word should know?

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Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 23-year-old UK-based graduate.
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