Still from one of Avril Lavigne;s Music Videos titled "Smile" where Avril Lavigne is seen wearing Abbey Dawn and with green streaks in her hair.

5 Of Our Favourite Avril Lavigne Music Videos

This week marks CelebMix’s five year anniversary so what better way to celebrate than to write about some of our favourite celebrities, this article is dedicated to Avril Lavigne and her brilliant music videos.

For 18 years, Avril Lavigne has made a massive career in the music industry, giving us some brilliant and unforgettable music videos, some of which we’ll never forget. This Canadian singer-songwriter has been in our hearts for all those years.

Avril Lavigne has dropped around 30 official music videos, so we’re not entirely sure how we’re going to pick just five, but we’ll do our best. Hopefully, you agree with our chosen five too.

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

We have to start off with this one because the storyline is total fire and we see different versions of Avril Lavigne as she plays different characters. Following the story of the song itself, we watch Avril Lavigne with black hair trying to get with the boyfriend of the red-haired Avril Lavigne. Comical throughout, this is one light-hearted visual, that you can’t help but laugh at. We do admit that it is a bit rebellious and can be considered encouraging people to steal other’s partners, which is totally wrong but the song and music video are just epic and accompany each other perfectly.

Avril Lavigne – Rock N Roll

From one big massive unforgettable music video with comical scenes to another big massive unforgettable comical music video. “Rock N Roll” has such a bizarre storyline it sticks in your mind easily. We don’t even know how to describe this visual because of how outlandish this is, we watch Avril Lavigne and her crew attempt to save Rock N Roll which is threatened by bearsharks. It’s just better to watch it below than trying to delve into the concept and understand it but it sure is epic.

Avril Lavigne – What The Hell

We love this video for “What The Hell” because of how she looks free-spirited and happy to do whatever the hell she wants. In the narrative, we watch her go about her day without a care in what she’s doing whilst her on-screen boyfriend follows after her. We especially love the store scene as her mother makes a guest appearance as an employee at the store, and there’s an Abbey Dawn collection.

Avril Lavigne – When You’re Gone

Are you ready for something really emotional? This music video creates tears in our eyes every time we see it. The song is about not being with the person you love and the music video has taken that and emphasised it in every aspect. Avril Lavigne looks stunning throughout the music video and the scenes throughout easily touches our hearts.

Avril Lavigne – Smile

If there’s one music video that stands out above the rest, it’s this one, in our opinion. We simply love the entire visual from start to finish and how Avril Lavigne walks down the street and makes everyone smile after she picks up their broken pieces of red plastic that represents broken pieces of their hearts. It’s an uplifting song and shows that all it takes is one person in your life which can make every day a happy one.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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