Frank Iero Asks Fans For Privacy On Tour

Frank Iero of frnkiero andthe patience, posted a message on Twitter asking fans for privacy after a few had chased the band to their hotel and the train station.

He said this is “not only extremely unsafe, it adds an incredible amount of stress to our work & travel, & strips us of the small amount of privacy we so desperately need in order to put on the best show possible for you.”

He also asked fans to share and translate the message, since the incident happened in Russia while the band is on tour.

Frank then posted a follow-up tweet with the message translated to Russian.

The band’s final stop for this tour will be on March 29th, then they will then return to the United States for their U.S. tour. To find out more information about their tour dates, click here.

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Cover Photo Credits: Justin Borucki

Written by Michele Mendez

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