Frank Iero’s Album, ‘Stomachaches’ Turns 2!

After the members of My Chemical Romance went their separate ways, they each continued to make music.

Frank Iero, the guitarist of MCR, began writing and recording music as a solo artist in a makeshift studio. The result was the album Stomachaches, which he released under the moniker, “frnkiero andthe cellabration.” The album officially turned two years old on August 25!

Frank Iero’s Album ‘Stomachaches’ Turns 2! 2

Throughout those two years, Frank created three music videos to accompany Stomachaches.


On August 4, 2014, the music video for Stomachaches’ first single, “Weighted” debuted. The video focuses on a young group of kids who want to resurrect Frank. However, things take a turn when the singer comes back to life and isn’t the type of guy the boys expected him to be.

Frank Iero’s Album ‘Stomachaches’ Turns 2! 2

The video also introduces the symbol of “frnkiero andthe cellabration,” which is displayed on the boys’ clothing. Frank will then go on to include the symbol on both his album and his merchandise.

Frank Iero’s Album ‘Stomachaches’ Turns 2! 1


Frank’s second music video is for his song, “joyriding.” The music video involves Frank Iero, along with the band he assemble to tour with him. Evan Nestor, Rob Hughes, and Matt Olsson make up the group.

The video starts with all the men dressed in white. However, as the music video progresses, blood starts to drip onto their faces, legs, and from their mouths. Eventually, the entire group is covered in blood.

Frank Iero’s Album ‘Stomachaches’ Turns 2! 3

“She’s The Prettiest Girl At The Party”

The final music video for Stomachaches is “She’s the Prettiest Girl at the Party.” The song is a bit slower than the others and is a love song. The video goes perfectly with the lyrics as it shares a sweet story of a couple who both have secrets.

Frank Iero’s Album ‘Stomachaches’ Turns 2! 1

The last two years have definitely been a journey for Frank, from creating the Stomachaches album, to filming its accompanying videos. He’s also toured with artists such as Against Me and Taking Back Sunday to promote the album.

What is the next step for Frank?

Frank Iero’s newest project is a collaboration with James Dewees under the name, “Death Spells.” The duo released a debut album titled, Nothing Above, Nothing Below which is available for purchase now!

This project is something Frank has been wanting to share for four years.

The initial band started back in 2012 in an apartment in North Hollywood California, and because life sometimes gets in the way it has taken a back seat to other projects James and I have been working on. But I knew I could not go any further until these songs were revealed, and now Death Spells’ time has finally come.

Frank Iero has truly established himself as a solo artist by creating fresh, original content for his fans!

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Written by Michele Mendez

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