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11 Funny Moments from High School Musical

To celebrate 10 years since the premiere of the first High School Musical movie (we feel SO old now), we take a look back at some of the funniest moments from the three films.

1. The Auditions

The audition sequence in the first movie is hilarious! Ms Darbus, Kelsi, Ryan and Sharpay are all equally bemused at what they hear, and this scene leads us onto the next funniest moment on our list!

2. Ryan and Sharpay show everyone how it’s done

After a series of terrible auditions, Ms Darbus calls upon Ryan and Sharpay to demonstrate how to perform. There are a ton of funny moments in this clip – the vocal warm ups, Ms Darbus’ obvious delight, Kelsi’s horror, Troy and Gabriella cringing in the back of the auditorium and THAT crowd pleasing jazz square! Take your pick, it’s definitely one of the funniest scenes in the first film!

Funniest Moments from High School Musical 1

3. “What the heck are those two doing in a tree?!”

This hilarious moment is from the first film. Troy and Chad are missing from basketball practice, and Mr Bolton is less than amused when he finds them in drama group detention!

4. Sharpay loves Zeke’s cookies

From the get-go, Zeke has a major crush on Sharpay but she has no interest whatsoever. At the end of the film, Zeke tries to give Sharpay some of his best cookies, but as she’s not interested, Ryan takes them instead. However the end scene gives us all hope as Sharpay comes running towards Zeke, declaring her love for his cookies (small steps, right?!). Zeke’s face is a picture!

5. Jason gets confused

Oh, Jason! It doesn’t take a lot to get the poor boy confused, but as one of the most underrated characters in the film, he’s provided us with many comical moments over the years. This ‘Miss Evans’ moment from HSM2 is one of our favourites!

6. Troy and Chad skipping

This is a scene from the second movie, where Troy and Chad add some fun into their working day! It makes us laugh every time.

7. Humuhumunukunukuapua’a

This song features in the second movie, and is part of the extended version where Sharpay and Ryan trap Troy as he prepares for his date with Gabriella. “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a” is the showstopper Sharpay wants to perform with Troy, much to his horror!

We can’t decide what’s funnier – the bizarre song, the over-the-top production or Troy’s horrified face throughout! Either way, this song provides us with one of the all-round funniest moments in HSM2.

8. Sharpay and Ryan Want It All

Another classic yet hilarious song from Sharpay and Ryan. What makes “I Want It All” so funny for us is the use of the fellow classmates in the siblings’ big dream – Zeke and Jason are their bouncers, Kelsi’s chauffeuring them, and Gabriella is a maid. Troy? Well he is obsessed with Sharpay, of course!

11 Funny Moments from High School Musical 1
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9. Troy’s ‘too tight’ trousers

Funniest Moments from High School Musical 2

Troy has a prom dilemma – his tux is too tight so it makes him look weird, which leads to some funny thrusting. Okay so you might not find this funny when you watch it on it’s own, but in the context of the song, it’s hilarious. Also, there’s never a bad time to have Zac Efron/Troy thrusting, right?!

Check out the full “A Night To Remember” video below.

10. Sharpay v Tiara

In the third film, Sharpay gets her own back on Tiara Gold by gate-crashing her performance. Whilst Sharpay upstages Tiara, Ryan and co have the last laugh as they hijack the stage control!

11. Troy’s Bet On It Dance

Over the years, Troy’s “Bet On It” dance routine has gone down in HSM history as being one of the funniest moments in any of the movies. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE this song. It’s easily one of the best jams in the movie series, but we can never unsee some of the awkwardly funny dance moves that Zac Efron brought to the table.

Countless memes and vines have been made out of the dance moves, which just makes it even funnier!

11 Funny Moments from High School Musical 2

11 Funny Moments from High School Musical 3

11 Funny Moments from High School Musical 4

So there you have it, 11 of our funniest moments from the High School Musical movies! Wildcats everywhere, we’re off for a HSM movie binge.

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