Gaten Matarazzo stars in Computer Games’ music video for ‘Lost Boys Life’

Computer Games, consisting of brothers Darren and Chuck Criss, just released the music video for their single ‘Lost Boys Life’. The video stars Gaten Matarazzo from the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

In the music video, Matarazzo leaves behind his unsatisfying nine-to-five office job in search of something that makes him happy. He finds happiness in a guitar, which he gets in exchange for his old work supplies and ends up performing in front of a crowd. At the end of the video, we see him as a happy and confident guy opposed to the “lost boy” he was in the beginning.

“We always wanted to have the song be sung, or at least the narrative be framed around a kid surrounded by adults, living in an adult world, but still feeling like a kid at heart and kind of feels trapped by that for whatever reason,” Darren Criss says of the casting of Gaten Matarazzo. “I thought he did a really great job with that. I think he had a lot of fun.”

Chuck Criss also reveals that both he and Darren are huge fans of Stranger Things. “The song shares many of the same ’80s electronica influences that can be heard throughout the series,” he says.

Watch the music video for ‘Lost Boys Life’ below.

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