Get To Know: Hey Violet

If the member of the Breakfast Club got out of détention and decided to form a band, we’ll definitely get the musical phenom, teenage pop-rocker that are “Hey Violet”. The four Los Angeles based members met in their mid-teens and bond over their love for pop-rock music. With Nia Lovelis on the drums, her sister Rena on bass, Miranda Miller on guitar and keys and the lead guitarist Casey Moreta, the band is a perfect example of what music lovers are. Impressive.

With inspiration going from Avril Lavigne to No Doubt they created their very own sound, the sound of Hey Violet. Signed on 5 seconds Of Summer label, Hi Or Hey Record, they released their first ever EP called “I Can Feel It” on the 17th july 2015. Shortly after it was released worldwide, their debut EP goes #1 and charted for more than a week in 7 countries such as USA, France and Australia. Well done Hey Violet !

The four kids have already proved they were made for making music and showed their skills by opening for the australian band that 5sos are accross the US, Europe and Canada. Performing for crowds counting-up 30,000 persons every nights, songs from their EP such as the new break-up anthem “You Don’t Love Me Like You Should” or the lyrically perfect “Sparks Fly”. 

“It’s a great challenge to play so many audiences” says Nia “We really want to See what kind of a response our songs get!”. Don’t worry Nia, it’s positive for sure.

Discover now their cover for Blank Space, live at The Troubadour

Written by CelebMix