Grace Vanderwaal releases lyric video for “Clay”

When Grace Vanderwaal took the America’s Got Talent stage to perform “I Don’t Know My Name”, no one knew that this 12-year-old wonder would take the industry by storm. Vanderwaal has not only stunned people time and again with her voice but also with her lyrics. Now, the artist is back with a lyric video for her single “Clay”.

Recently, we reported that the America’s Got Talent winner had announced the release of her EP “Perfectly Imperfect”. On December 2, the singer released the EP and a lyric video to her single “Clay”. Thematically similar to “I Don’t Know My Name”, “Clay” talks about a girl who sends out a clear message that she is not the type who can be easily “broken” or “mold” into clay.

Like “I Don’t Know My Name” where Vanderwaal tells about the journey of a girl from the point when she did not her name to the point when she recognized herself and her identity, “Clay” gives us an idea as to how strong this girl will develop.

The song starts with Vanderwaal’s soft vocals but takes a powerful turn in the chorus as the singer unveils her real vocal strength. Her raspy voice gives a unique touch to the song.

The video is beautifully executed. If you haven’t heard the song yet, check out the lyric video below:

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