Happy Birthday Halsey!

Happy Birthday Halsey!

Today, September 29th, marks the day of Halsey’s birthday! To celebrate her birthday, we’re sharing a list of all her music videos (old to new) and talking to a few fans to see why they love her so much.

First, we’ll start off with the list of music videos!

1. “Hurricane”

2. “Ghost”

3. “New Americana”

4. “Colors”

5. “Castle”

We then took the time to speak to two Halsey fans to find out why they love her so much, and this is what they had to say:

Abby | 15 | Wisconsin – “The first time I listened through Room 93, I had no idea how much of an impact Halsey would make on my life. She has been such a major part of who I am today. Halsey has taught me that I do not belong to anyone but me and that I should always stay true to myself as well as my beliefs. I had always had issues of being myself due to the fear of what people would think but she has helped me become comfortable in my own skin.”

“Before Halsey, I’d always filter what I wanted to say and what I believed for others. Halsey has also given me such a new and better perspective on life and people and I’d really like to thank her for that. I’m so glad to call her the person I look up to the most and the person who has impacted my life significantly. This is why I love Halsey.”

Jenny | 15 | Long Beach, California – “I actually discovered Halsey when she made “Slow” with Lido and listening to her on 8tracks radio. In 2015 is when I became obsessed with her. At the near end of freshman year I was insanely sad since I was terribly stressed out and I had so many problems and drama going on. I actually planned to commit suicide, but I knew it would just effect the people around me. I heard that Halsey was going to be in LA so I figured I should go to my first concert so I have something good to remember. I thought maybe it could help me.”

“I bought the second show since her first one was sold out with my friend Lilly, and honestly it was the greatest day ever. I didn’t have a single bad thought and the way I felt during the concert, It was heaven. It was honestly the greatest day ever. How angelic Halsey looked made me so happy. I felt like I had meaning during the concert. I was insanely happy and I never felt like that in a year. It just made me so happy and it’s why I’m here now. I still have sad moments, but ever since I became a Halsey fan I have been happy. I just want to thank Halsey for saving my life.”

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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