Harry Potter movies are coming back to IMAX this month

Are you a huge fan of Harry Potter? Do you cry your eyes out every time while watching the last movie of the young wizard? Or maybe you just wish you could relive watching the movies on the big screen?

Either way, It’s your lucky day! Grab some tissues or popcorn because IMAX and Warner Bros are getting together to bring “Harry Potter” back to theaters for one week only, a month before the release of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

The whole thing will kick off with a special preview event; where fans will be treated to a glimpse at new, never seen before footage for Fantastic Beasts, alongside a live interactive Q&A with the stars and director.

Harry Potter is one of the most beloved films of all time. Its franchise has grossed over $7.7 billion worldwide. At IMAX theaters around the world, the movies reportedly earned approximately $216 million.

The Harry Potter movie marathon will kick off on Thursday, 13 October at 8.30PM GMT, taking place simultaneously in major US cities, London, and across the world. You can check out theater listings and ticket availability on the IMAX site.

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