HomeTown releases its new single “Roses”

An announcement of a new single by one’s favorite band is always like a treat for its fans. This is a time of celebration for HomeTown’s fans as the band has released its new single “Roses” on YouTube.

An announcement was made on Facebook and needless to say, the song was worth listening to. If we have to choose one word to describe the lyrics, we would choose “Poetic”.

These beautiful lines say it all:

I wanna see roses fall like snow

Walk beneath the stars on streets of gold cause

I would give it all to have your heart come home

And make me strong

The music of “Roses” is a beautiful combination of soft tune and intense lyrics. It’s a painful tale of confession, a message that at the time of crisis, we approach our loved ones to make us “feel strong”. Recently, the definition of “strong” has changed for songwriters.

Today, being strong means accepting that we are weak and there is no shame in asking for support and help from our loved ones. “Roses” is no different. As the lyrics say,

Oh love, I really need you now

So come on give it everything give it all you’ve got cause

I would give it all to have your heart come home

And make me strong

With the release of a beautiful song like “Roses”, the fans can only expect more from the band. It’s not surprising actually as the band has constantly proved its worth with great songs and amazing covers.

Check out the single below:

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Written by Ayushi

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