How can you make a living out of gaming?

For some people, gaming is the most loved hobby. Their day never ends without playing a game on PS4 or their custom-built gaming PC. After a long day, they get back home, switch on their PCs, and play games till they fall asleep. For them, gaming is the best relaxation. They are even ready to play games all day every day if they are paid for it. Want to know how to make money by playing games all day? Here’s how. 

  1. Start a YouTube channel (Ultimate way)
  2. Become a professional gamer
  3. Selling game accounts and inventory items

There are more ways to earn money through gaming. One of them is CSGO gambling which is quite popular in the gaming industry. Rest, we have briefed only the top three methods here as gambling is considered to be risky in some cases. 

1. Start a YouTube channel (Ultimate way):

Today people are more inclined towards video content rather than reading blogs and books. Their video consumption time has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Instead of reading blogs about a game review, people love to watch the gameplay directly. There are three types of things you can do with a gaming channel:

  1. Review new video games:

You can earn money by playing and reviewing upcoming games. You can follow the YouTuber theRadBrad. He has made gaming review videos on YouTube as his career. Many gaming companies are contacting him to review their new game for money. If you are really good at reviewing a game then you can surely start a game review channel.

  1. Stream your gameplay live:

Along with game reviews, you can also stream your games live on YouTube. You can live stream solo matches, team matches, and local tournaments. You don’t even have to be a gamer to do live streaming. People always binge-watch these live games irrespective of the person who plays. If you have a good number of followers then you can earn through sponsors.

  1. Do a game walkthrough:

Some games are really hard to play. Gamers might be struck at some levels and will be looking for a way to complete the levels. You can do a walkthrough for these levels and gain a good number of views on YouTube.

Thus by just playing games daily and uploading those videos, you can make a living. YouTube will definitely help you in this case.

2. Become a professional gamer:

If you are a gamer then you must have heard about the Professional eSports teams. These teams are just like the real sports except they play matches on the PC. Companies like Intel, DOTA 2 are conducting international matches between these Professional eSports teams every year that involve gifts and sponsorships that are valued at millions of dollars. You can win thousands of dollars if you are a skilled gamer. 

To be a professional gamer you need to join a team first. You have to improve your skills by playing every day, learning from the pros. To make a living out of gaming, you need to work hard. Nothing comes for free. Once you are skilled enough and made friends with the pro-people then you will be added to the team. Once you are on the international team you can use your skills to win the matches and prizes.

3. Selling game accounts and inventory items:

You might not have thought of this but selling accounts and inventory items is a big business that involves millions of dollars every month. People create and grow their accounts for a certain period of time and sell these accounts that include rare items and outfits. Other users who are very eager to buy these rare items, bid on these accounts or items and add them to their inventory.

If you have a good insight into what sells and what not then you can easily trade these items a make a good fortune.

To make gaming your profession to earn money, all you need is a skill, patience, and contacts. You need to work hard to make this happen.

Written by Monella