Humans Series Two, Episode Eight Recap: The Synths Are Human

Humans series two finale was shown last night on Channel 4, and it has left us all speechless. We can’t go on until they confirm a third series is in development. We need it in our lives.

Series two has been as unforgettable as the first series was. It may have made it more of a fantasy drama, so much so that normalcy that is found in the first series pretty much dissipated in this one. The future is coming but are humans ready for fully conscious Synths? Don’t forget to check out our recaps of episode one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven.

This final episode had us on the edge of our seat. Having watched DI Pete Drummond, played by Neil Maskell, die at the hands of Hester, played by Sonya Cassidy, at the end of the last episode; anything could happen.

We watch the death of another loved character at the start of this episode; as Vee, voiced by Chloe Wicks, shuts down and deletes herself. This request comes from Dr Athena Morrow, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, as she realises that Vee isn’t actually her daughter. She has no real way of bringing her back.

It isn’t long until Milo Khoury, played by Marshall Allman, finds out and talks to Athena Morrow; yet, nothing comes of it. He reveals he was trying to do something good.

As for The Hawkins Family, it seems Joe and Laura’s marriage is on the rocks once again, especially when Joe, played by Tom Goodman-Hill, announces that he wants to move away to a Synth-free village. Yet, Laura, played by Katherine Parkinson, doesn’t agree that this is the best step forward. They can’t hide from the future, this is real and nothing can stop what is coming. Especially when the kids are all wrapped up in it. Mattie, played by Lucy Carless, wants a career in Synthetics. Toby, played by Theo Stevenson, has saved his girlfriend from a life of misery. As for Sophie, played by Pixie Davies, she only started acting this way when Anita left. Anita was originally Mia, played by Gemma Chan, who was a house Synth for the family. Joe leaves to take Sophie to a children’s party, whilst Laura contemplates the possibility of the end of her marriage.

As for DI Karen Voss, played by Ruth Bradley, the thought of continuing her life without DI Pete Drummond in it, is unbearable. So much so, that she first considers jumping off the balcony of her apartment; but finally decides on powering herself down. Instead, Sam, played by Billy Jenkins, the child Synth living with DI Karen Voss, charges her back up and doesn’t quite understand why she is unhappy.

More pressing problems occur back at the Hawkins’ family home. Whilst Laura is all alone, with Toby at the park with Renie, played by Letitia Wright; Joe and Sophie at the party, and Mattie with the Synths at the train park; Hester arrives at the door. Claiming to have been sent to the house by Leo, played by Colin Morgan, she claims that she’s been told to stay at the house and wait for them. Laura buys this lie and chats to Hester on the living room sofas.

Before long, Mattie calls and reveals to Laura that the Synth in her home is actually Hester; a mean bad Synth. It’s not long before Laura becomes a hostage and Hester gives Leo an hour to get to the house, or Laura will die.

When you think Leo should be rushing to the house, the group come up with a plan, and connects to the chip inside Mia’s head, creating a code that will kill any Synth with the chip within a certain range of the activation of the code. Leo rushes to the house with Mia; leaving Max, played by Ivanno Jeremiah, in charge; he’s always been the true leader.

As for DI Karen Voss and Sam, we see them sitting on the side of a wall, watching the sun reflect off the sea. She asks him for a favour, something she cannot do alone.

True to Laura’s personality, she tries to talk to Hester and attempt to get through to her. After a while, she works out how brilliant David Elster, the person who created Synths and the father of Leo, was. He hadn’t just made Synths with the ability to be conscious; he had created them just like humans. This infuriates Hester even more.

Leo arrives at the house but instead of just using the code, he tries to talk to Hester and get through to her. This was obviously not going to end well; and just as we think he actually has made her understand; he tells her he loves her, which was a complete lie, that ends up with Hester stabbing him in the head, the Synth part of him.

Mia rushes on to the scene and goes straight to Leo, as Hester, once again, holds Laura as a hostage. Mia grabs Leo’s phone and activates the code, destroying herself, and Hester, in the process. Is this the end? Humans could so have finished there. Instead, Niska, played by Emily Berrington, arrives and phones Mattie to come up with a way to save Mia.

They decide on releasing the code, the updated code that Mattie has created, the one which will give Synths, across the world, consciousness. It’s the only way to save Mia, but Mattie doesn’t know what to do and Laura thinks the world won’t be ready.

One look at the family Max has created, with his reassuring words, allows Mattie to send the code out. Mia is saved, Hester wakes up, but as she tries to kill Niska, Niska pushes down on Hester’s head until she dies.

We watch as the whole world is transformed. Ice cream men jump out of their vans, the postman starts throwing leaflets in the air, the clown at the children’s party that Sophie went to stops entertaining. As well as, Sam also waking up, as he drives DI Karen Voss down the slipway and into the sea, but he brakes when he wakes up and jumps into DI Karen Voss’ arms. Homo sapiens are not the only people on the planet now, Synthetics are just as human.

Does this mean that Odi, played by Will Tudor, is back, once again? In the previous episode, he shut himself down, because he believed he wasn’t strong enough for this world; but we all think that from time to time. This much-loved character has to return in the third series, that’s if there will be a next one.

Ratings for this series has been down compared to series one; this was to be expected, especially as they push to a more science fiction/fantasy world. Plus, it’s difficult to gain more viewers with a drama. With that being said, surely they can’t leave the final ending like this, there’s just too many questions. However, it may all depend on the ratings in the US on AMC before we get any confirmed news on a third series. If ratings in the US are strong, it could mean another series. Humans series two will start in the US on AMC on 13 February 2017.

This series has been brilliant, all of the cast members have gone from strength to strength. It’s interesting to see the reversal of Laura and Joe. In the first series, Laura was sceptical and believed their life was better off without a Synth, and Joe was the one who bought Anita in the first place. Now, he wants to run away to a town without Synthetics, and it’s Laura who believes that that is the wrong thing to do. Katherine Parkinson and Tom Goodman-Hill, easily become their characters, portraying them brilliantly.

Sonya Cassidy plays Hester so well; compared to the first episode, she really has become the evil Synthetic; and we’re kind of sad to see this maniac of a character go, however, we’re sure Sonya Cassidy will appear in another film or TV series we are addicted to. However, Colin Morgan was pure brilliance throughout. Leo is the only person who is half human and half Synthetic, and Colin Morgan plays him perfectly. This can’t be the last we see of Leo, he can’t die too, surely not. Gemma Chan also shines throughout this series, especially when heartbreak hurts her deeply.

This wasn’t the only thing that left us on the edge of our seats. Channel 4, in promotion of the Assassin’s Creed film, shot a live advertisement, which saw a stunt man from the film take a leap of faith and jump from a height, without a harness.

As a whole, this series has pushed the boundaries of life as we know it. They have inspired us, they have made us cry, they have torn at our heartstrings. They have included sweet moments; and the addition of Billy Jenkins playing Sam, became the cutest thing ever, at a pivotal moment. Humans will forever remain a cutting-edge fantasy TV series that could become our future. Gemma Chan knows this better than anyone after taking part in a Channel 4 documentary titled “How To Build A Human”.

Is this the end? Surely there will be a third series, right? Tell us all your thoughts and theories of the final episode of series two of Humans over on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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