How To Build A Human Documentary Review

For all the “Humans” fans out there, this is definitely a must-watch documentary. How To Build A Human focuses on where robotics are now, how advanced they have become, and what we could expect in the near future.

Gemma Chan explored the depths of robotics and whether TV shows such as “Humans” is something we can soon expect to become a reality.

Watch the How To Build A Human trailer here:

Some very great points are brought up in the show, including how computers are trained so that they win games such as Atari’s “Breakout” and the Chinese game “Go”.

One of the most interesting things was Gemma Chan being behind the wheel of a car. This was no ordinary car; it was a self-driving car. Her small little test of going round a corner frightened her into grabbing control of the wheel, but she allowed it to parallel park itself. In the passenger seat was Noel Sharkey, mostly known as the head judge on Robot Wars. He brought up a very good point in the short segment about life or death situations.

There were various enlightening segments of the show, including the London Gateway Port. This port has robotic cranes that lift containers and places them in the correct place.

The main point of the show was to see if they could create a robotic version of Gemma Chan. AI robotics have definitely come a long way, and this documentary enabled the viewers at home to see how close we actually are.

Combining various robotic advanced technologies, we saw Gemma Chan determined to create a robotic version of herself. To do so, she had a mask of her face created, which was later added on to the robot. Facial expressions and vocal emotions were added to the robot, as well as previous interviews which were “fed” to the robot. It was later used in an attempt to fool journalists. Did the experiment work? Find out by catching up the documentary online or finding out when it’s on next.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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