“I offer my clients hedge fund like portfolios for a fraction of what hedge funds charge,” says WealthGap CEO John Zhang

Many people, especially millennials, don’t understand the importance of investing and what it can do for them. This is partially true because most hedge funds require huge upfront investments and charge very high fees, signaling to millennials that investing is only for the extremely wealthy. WealthGap CEO, John Zhang, is working to change this perception and open up the market for all. 

WealthGap is an app for iOS that lets people invest easily and efficiently. It’s a robo financial advisor that takes the guesswork out of investing. “Many hedge funds don’t let anyone, but billionaires invest, and it’s not lucrative for any just individual to use them,” Zhang said. “I offer my clients hedge fund like portfolios for a fraction of what hedge funds charge.”

“I decided to call the company WealthGap because we’re trying to close the income gap between the average person and billionaires,” Zhang said. “We want everyone to have the opportunity to grow their wealth like a billionaire.” The company does really outperform the average hedge fund business model. Hedge funds charge a 2-3% management fee, as well as a 20% or more performance fee. WealthGap involves only a 1% management fee and charges no performance fees. This makes it much less expensive for the average person to invest, shares Zhang. Anyone with a little money squirreled away can really change their life by investing with WealthGap, he adds. 

Most hedge funds demand a big amount that most young, typically college-going people, fail to have. Investing is often limited to high-income individuals who can afford to start their fund using $10,000,000 or more. WealthGap allows an individual to start investing with only $5,000 at the start. It’s much more manageable for people to save up this amount for an investment in their future, states Zhang. He further says that he wants users to have a better experience than they would at a hedge fund. “They won’t get a bitter service simply because they have less money to invest,” he adds. “This service will make you feel like a billionaire and let you grow your wealth quickly and substantially.”

WealthGap has back-tested its investments to help construct their Alpha portfolio, and it proved to consistently precede the market over a ten-year time span. In times to come, the company aims to outperform expectations and make its clients’ investments grow as much and as swiftly as possible. It’ll be interesting to see how Zhang’s clients through WealthGap attain their financial goals under his directives!

Written by CelebMix