Imani Wj Wright
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Imani Wj Wright Releases ‘So I Thought’

Singer-songwriter Imani Wj Wright recently released his latest single titled “So I Thought.”

From Baltimore, Wright has been honing his musical gifts since he was seven-years-old. He’s only 20 now. During his incubation period, his high school recognized him as Male Singer of the Year, followed by receiving a scholarship to attend the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins, where he collected an Outstanding Performance accolade. From there, while under the umbrella of the Washington National Opera, Wright studied at American University.

Wright’s creativity extends into the literary world, where he works as a journalist on The Baltimore Times, as well as London’s Stereo Stickman Magazine. His unique combination of musical and literary talent lead to a TED Talk at York College of Pennsylvania, entitled “Erasing the Myths of Writing.”

In the course of the last year, Wright has performed at SOB’s in New York City, Ram’s Head Live! In Baltimore, as well as performing with his band in the Sofar Sounds series in Tampa Bay, Denver, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, and Calgary, Canada. What’s more, he debuted his single “Home” on MTV.

“So I Thought” opens on austere guitar riffs topped by Wright’s scatting tones, and then flows into a delicious low-slung R&B tune flavored with tints of hip-hop-lite, giving the music tight and right emotional heat. A fat, slow-burning bass line and potent percussion provide the rhythm, as Wright’s sensuous, evocative tones glide overhead. Full of velvety charisma, his tones project smoldering, seething passion on intimate surface colors. It’s a deluxe voice, under exquisite lilting control.

The lyrics, saturated with smart wordplay, depict the palpable turbulent energy of a relationship slowly unraveling.

“So tell me what’s changed / Is it the – way that I feel? / Is it the way that I walk? / Is it the time that I deal, and dish / Not all for you? / It’s not all for you babe / I think you’ve known this for a while / I don’ saw the dial / Call you when I dial / Know it’s over, while, when I know the truth oh / (yeah, so, uh…) / I know the truth oh, oh babe (yeah).”

“So I Thought” oozes irresistible colors, each asserting its creamy resonance on the tasty frisson of timbres delivered by Imani Wj Wright.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.