Ina Wroldsen Drops Fourth And Final Music Video “Mother”, Surprises Us With An Acoustic Video Of “Remember Me”, AND Releases Debut EP “Hex”

We’ve been waiting for Ina Wroldsen to release her highly-anticipated debut EP, titled “Hex”, ever since she dropped her very first single from this collection, titled “Sea“. What we didn’t expect was a fourth and final music video to the last unheard track on the EP, titled “Mother” – although it does slide in perfectly with the theme around this EP; and, we didn’t expect the awesome acoustic live video session of “Remember Me“. Let’s just say, Ina Wroldsen sure has spoilt us this week.

If you’re wondering who Ina Wroldsen is, then you’ve been hiding under the songwriting rock, because she’s literally a Queen in the songwriting world; within this week, you’ve probably listened to at least one of her songs that she wrote, or maybe you’ve heard her voice as she’s had a couple of hits as a featured star. You may know Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye” featuring Anne-Marie & Sean Paul, Shontelle’s “Impossible” which was later covered by James Arthur, and Cobra Starship’s “You Make Me Feel…” featuring Sabi. She was also the uncredited vocalist on Calvin Harris & Disciples’ track “How Deep Is Your Love” before becoming featured vocalist on Martin Solveig’s and Jax Jones’ chart-hitting songs “Places” and “Breathe”, respectively. She recently signed under Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco Music where she first released “Strongest” which had great success in her home country of Norway where it reached number two on VG-lista, becoming her biggest chart-hit to-date alongside previous collaboration with Broiler on “Lay It On Me”. Now her EP, “Hex” is here and we simply love it.

Ina Wroldsen Releases “Mother” Completing Her “Hex” EP

Wrapping up the EP is her brand new song “Mother”, which she released this week. This time around she took inspiration from the Byttingen. If you’ve been following her previous releases, you will know that her “Hex” EP has a theme wrapped around Scandinavian folklore – which we have been loving as she’s teaching us about the tales that she grew up with that people – outside of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark – would be unaware of, such as us.

So, the Byttingen. The name alone starts the music video off and then goes on to state: “He is the changeling. The Changeling has deep roots in Scandinavian folklore. He puts himself in the places of our own children, leaving behind a stranger we do not recognise. Beware of perception.”

The music video starts with the ending as we watch a person travel across the snow. The visual is shown in reverse so we see him walking backwards, removing his footprints. Then the song fully comes in and we watch as a young boy is shown on screen. This child then walks through the snow with purpose. As the video wraps up, we presume he is walking home.

The stunning music video easily relates to the song, which is inspired by the Byttingen, as the Changeling takes over children, such as the one in the music video. We feel the song relates to “Mine” as she stated that after living in London for some time, all she wanted to do was return to Norway – her home country. Her voice sounds absolutely incredible on the track, and the beat is subtle, allowing her vocals to fully shine. It’s a powerful song, lyrically, and will certainly resonate with many people around the world. The song itself was written by Bård Mathias Bonsaksen, Edvard Førre Erfjord, and Ina Wroldsen; while production was handled by Dan Grech-Marguerat and Edvard Erfjord.

Ina Wroldsen Drops Her “Hex” EP

Okay, call us confused, but this “Hex” EP has four/five tracks overall. On Spotify, it’s five tracks with the song “Strongest” being added as a fifth track; whereas on iTunes, it’s only the four tracks, consisting of “Sea“, “Remember Me“, “Mine“, and “Mother”.

As a collection, these work amazingly, and really shows off the artist that Ina Wroldsen has developed into – in contrast to her debut single “Aliens (Her Er Jeg)”; well unless we count the 2004 song “Suddenly” which is rare to find, nowadays, and we’ve all forgotten about.

“Hex” is a total must-listen EP, and definitely is the start of a very long career for this incredible singer-songwriter. It’s about time she gets the world recognition she clearly deserves and we’d love to see her become the global superstar that she is worthy of.

Check Out Ina Wroldsen’s “Hex” EP Here:

Ina Wroldsen Releases Live Acoustic Video For “Remember Me

We have been treated a lot this week by Ina Wroldsen, it wasn’t enough to release a new music video, and drop her debut EP; oh no, she decided to release an acoustic live video of “Remember Me” on her YouTube Channel – we so hope the acoustic version gets an official release.

Sporting an orange cloak-like dress and supported by a guitarist and a keyboardist. They are backed by floor-to-ceiling windows which display a stunning view behind them. She makes it look easy, but if you just take a moment to truly listen to the song you’ll realise how difficult it is to sing.

Not only that, but Ina Wroldsen looks a little on the nervous side to begin with, but as the song progresses she starts to fully get into it, adding an emotional visual to her performance, making us wish we had tickets to her future gigs. This is one artist we would truly like to see live, she’s clearly one we wouldn’t want to miss.

The “Hex” EP is available to download and stream right now, through Simco Limited. We are hoping that this EP is merely a teaser and that a full album is on its way – but we don’t want to get our hopes up just yet. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Ina Wroldsen.

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