Indie Artist Solomon Ray Seduces with Latest “Así Así” Single

Following the release of his critically-acclaimed Le Garçon extended play in 2014, and an official break from music the year after, independent artist Solomon Ray made an unexpected 2017 return with “El Otro“, a Reggaeton-inspired, Spanish-language single.

Today, the artist walks further down that new genre path with “Así Así”, a sexually-charged, emotionally-driven second taste of a full length project expected later this year. Recorded in Miami, co-written with Neka One (2018 Latin ASCAP award winner; “Quedate Conmigo”) and produced by Daneon (Maluma, CNCO), the song blends the artist’s R&B past with traditional Reggaeton elements and a dash of pop influence.

“Así Así” finds Ray fixated on a significant other, with a straightforward emphasis on carnal desire. In embracing the Reggaeton genre roots, passion is on full display as the two parties move a heated discussion into the bedroom. No more talking necessary, no disrespect intended, just lovers connecting in the most intimate way possible.

“Guardemos los sentimientos (así), cuando te falte el respeto (así, oh yeah!), baby tu y yo somos iguales, salvajes como animales, en la cama todo se vale,” he croons on the radio-ready hook.

While most of the new release does bring the notion of sex to the forefront, the finished product actually highlights other important aspects of a relationship: living in the moment, forming a true connection, treating one another as equals.

“Society loves to put sexuality into a box. And sexuality can be fluid. Along with sexual attraction, companionship and romance,” Ray says of the new release’s underlying meaning. “This song really explores that idea.”

Being an openly gay artist in a “machismo”, heteronormative genre like Reggaeton is a bold step for Ray. Releasing a song about a blossoming same-sex relationship increases the potential risk. To put another obstacle in the way of “Asi Asi”, the focus of inspiration differs from the artist’s past anthems of heartbreak. Here, it’s all about love.

Safe to say, Ray is climbing an uphill battle with the release of his new single.

However, thanks to infectious production, a controlled and hypnotic vocal performance, and songwriting meaning that changes as the surface layers are pulled back, the heartfelt yet lustful “Asi Asi” continues to push the artist’s creative boundaries outward. For an artist who has dabbled in pop, dance, R&B and hip-hop before, Solomon Ray likely doesn’t even know what boundaries are.

Most importantly, the new single shines multiple new lights, puts perspective through an often-ignored LGBTQ lens, on a genre quickly gaining traction and mainstream exposure on the radio airwaves.

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Written by Luis Gonzalez

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