INNA Drops Official Music Video For “Si, Mama” And Vertical Video For “Contigo”

We have two more music videos from INNA and we are loving them. She certainly loves giving her fans, Club Rockers, more and more content, although we were pretty overloaded at the end of May, when she released her sixth studio album YO, as well as seven new singles, and three music videos. Now, that we’re all over her massive release – are we really though? – we have two more music videos from the album, for “Si, Mama” and “Contigo”, and they’re both fierce!

INNA, real name Elena Apostoleanu, is one of the biggest Romanian female artists around at the moment, having gone on to have international success with her early singles such as “Hot”, “Amazing”, and “Sun Is Up”. She continued her success with a variety of singles that have hit over 100 million views on YouTube including “Ruleta“, “Gimme Gimme“, and “Heaven“. She has collaborated with some of the biggest artists and DJs including Flo Rida, Pitbull, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Martin Solveig, Sak Noel, and Dannic, to name a few. Prior to the release of her sixth studio album, YO, she teased the album for months, revealing that she took creative control for the album, unlocked her songwriting abilities, and that it will be a full Spanish album. In promotion of the album she dropped the singles “RA”, “Iguana”, “Sin Ti”, and “Tu Manera” before dropping YO. We also managed to speak to INNA in our exclusive interview about the album release, she used these five words to describe the album: “Sensitive, YO, artsy, real, love.”

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INNA – Si, Mama

This song was written by David Ciente, Elena Apostoleanu, and Maria Chiluiza, whilst David Ciente also produced the track and Max Kissaru mix and mastered the track. In our review of YO, we said of the song: “‘Sí, Mamá’ reminds us of the earlier track, ‘Te Vas‘, only it packs a bit more of a punch vocally and rhythmically. It also has hints of other songs of the album throughout and that what definitely likens us to the song. INNA’s voice has some gusto and this track really showcases her voice and how beautiful it is to listen to especially when she’s singing in Spanish. The track itself feels like an ode to her mother, who we admire when we see her in INNA’s Instagram feed as their love for one another is undeniable and it’s clear that INNA adores her mom so much. The title translates to ‘Yes, Mom’ and the choruses talk about INNA’s fame and how her mother told her that people will sell her fame, whilst the verses launch into the people who have used her fame for their own gain, especially false friends. We’ve been expecting an INNA track that lashes out – you don’t become internationally known without having a lot to say about people in your past – and it’s right here on this Spanish-language album, yet it’s wrapped up around advice her mother had given her. It’s clear that INNA is a force of positivity even at the worst of times.”

As for the new music video, it has been directed by Bogdan Paun whilst Alexandru Muresan acted as the director of photography. The whole video is a performance piece with INNA singing the song in various locations, wearing different outfits. It reminds us, slightly, of “Sin Ti“, due to her style throughout. The opening scene sees INNA standing in front of what looks like a church, wearing a straw sun hat with a large brim, a black bandeau top, and what looks like the white formal-yet-teasing dress – which she wears in a later scene – tied around her waist. Another scene is intercut during the instrumental opening of the song, which sees INNA inside a building wearing a black strapless one-piece bathing suit. As the track fully starts, INNA is seen wearing the white dress, that was previously mentioned, on a white patio of a house. She looks like she’s dressed formally suggesting she’s a powerful upper-class woman, only as she slowly turns around, we find out the dress is in-fact backless. Another scene appears, almost one minute into the clip, where INNA can be seen sitting on a chair hugging her knees, she is wearing a cream-coloured silk nightgown; this scene has more to it with her standing up during the second verse of the song. As the bridge, towards the end of the song, kicks in, INNA starts to dance and vibe out to the track with slight movements. Towards the end of the visual, there’s one scene of her in the bathing suit, sitting down with two women, reading books – go INNA for promoting reading.

Watch INNA’s Music Video For “Si, Mama” Here:

INNA – Contigo

Now time for the awesome track, “Contigo”, which was sampled on INNA’s previous track “Nirvana“. This song was written by David Ciente, Elena Apostoleanu, and Maria Chiluiza, whilst David Ciente also produced the track and Max Kissaru mix and mastered the track. We think it’s awesome how she’s taken that small bit from “Nirvana” and made it into its own track. In our review of YO, we said of the song: “It feels a little quicker than ‘Nirvana‘ and it has this hint of magic. It’s clear that INNA loved this song from the outset and just had to make it its own song and we’re so glad that she did. It’s a little homage to her previous album and track, whilst showing how she can take something and make it new and exciting. Her voice is pure perfection, quite sensual, and also mysterious. It sure is unforgettable, much like ‘Nirvana‘. As for the lyrics, our rough translation suggests that she’s singing about falling for someone where her heart goes ‘boom boom’ – we all know that feeling.”

This music video has been directed by Bogdan Paun whilst Alexandru Muresan acted as the director of photography. It is a vertical video, which INNA has done in the past for a few songs, most recently “Tu Manera“. This one has a very different style, giving us a brilliant retro feeling and we presume it was filmed in front of a green screen – making us reminisce about the “Good Time” music video that featured Pitbull. There’s a lot of creativity in this vertical video, from the editing to the visuals, to the transitions. In the clip, INNA has styled her hair in a wet look which frames her face. She’s wearing a top that has snake print and leopard print sleeves and sides, with a red and black striped front paired with some white shorts. She’s not visually giving us emotion, leading us to believe that she’s doesn’t want to display her feelings, much like when you like someone but you don’t want them to know – that’s how we see this vertical video relating to the track. During the instrumental break, she lets loose, subtly dancing to the track.

Watch INNA’s Vertical Video For “Contigo” Here:

Both “Si, Mama” and “Contigo” are available to download and stream as part of her sixth studio album, YO, released on Global Records under exclusive licence to Roc Nation. Now, we are just waiting for two more music video, they are for “Locura” and “La Vida”.

What do you make of INNA’s two new music videos, the official one for “Si, Mama”, and the vertical one for “Contigo”? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

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