INNA Releases New Single & Music Video “Iguana” From Forthcoming Album “YO”

We have a brand new single and music video from INNA, titled “Iguana”. This release marks her second official single from her upcoming full Spanish-language album “YO”, which will be her fifth studio album overall. It has been released following our exclusive interview with her, which we published yesterday, and follows up previous single “RA“.

INNA, real name Elena Apostoleanu, is one of the biggest Romanian female artists around at the moment, having gone on to have international success with her early singles such as “Hot”, “Amazing”, and “Sun Is Up”. She’s continued her success with a variety of singles that have hit over 100 million views on YouTube including “Ruleta“, “Gimme Gimme“, and “Heaven“. She has collaborated with some of the biggest artists and DJs including Flo Rida, Pitbull, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Martin Solveig, Sak Noel, and Dannic, to name a few. Now, as she’s gearing up to release her sixth studio album, she’s taken creative control, unlocking her songwriting abilities and finally releasing a full Spanish album. We’ve been excited to hear more music from her upcoming LP ever since she dropped “RA“, now we’ve got “Iguana” and we’re loving it. If these two singles are anything to go by, “YO” is going to be amazing. Describing the album in our exclusive interview, she used these five words: “Sensitive, YO, artsy, real, love.”

The brand new single is more upbeat than “RA“, bringing an energetic vibe. According to Spotify, the song was written by David Ciente, Elena Apostoleanu, and Maria Chiluiza whilst David Ciente produced the song. As for the music video, it tells more of a narrative than “RA” and was directed by NGM Creative’s Bogdan Paun with Alexandru Muresan acting as the director of photography, as with all 11 music videos for all 11 songs on “YO”.

Watch INNA’s Music Video For “Iguana” Here:

We’re actually thankful for INNA dropping “RA” before this song, because “RA” is so far removed from her previous songs, she needed to let her fanbase, Club Rockers, know that she had naturally taken a whole new route for this new album, and “RA” is a grower of a song. In the case of “Iguana”, it’s an instant catchy track that has influences of her infectious club sound – we expect plenty of DJs remixing this – however it would’ve been received less well if it was released first because it is a different style to her past songs; “RA” softened the blow and made us fall in love with “Iguana”.

This song is about a woman who gets jealous easily and suffers from love, and yet she finds a way to cope and have fun without him. INNA packs a tonne of emotion into this song, it’s one of her most passionate vocals to date, truly meaning every single word of this song, so much so that it isn’t a surprise that she wrote it; and, in comparison to her previous emotional tracks – such as “Love”, “Endless”, and “J’adore” – this one is gritty and powerful. The production starts off gentle and rhythmically whilst INNA goes in hard with her lyrics with the spotlight on her until the chorus kicks in and the production adds club beats and a salsa twist whilst INNA puts her all behind the words “Sigo bailando sin ti” which means “I keep dancing without you” in English.

As for the music video, we’ve finally got a narrative as we watch INNA stumble around, intoxicated probably drunk, looking for the guy she has fallen in love with. She finds him at an outside bar talking to another woman, who is drinking Coke Zero – which INNA has done promotional adverts and campaigns for in the past, including releasing the song on promotional cans with purchasers being able to use Shazam to hear the song. Her friends pull her away from the two people at the bar and she continues to sing the song in the street at them.

The visual is intercut with scenes of INNA performing the song on stage in front of Wilburn & Sons Wagon And Blacksmith Shop, in the same outfit, with a backup band, determined to have a good night. In the entire video, she is wearing a reversible sequined jacket, with the words “Rest In Peace” on the back, over floral underwear, paired with trainers. In an interesting twist, there are times when we watch from INNA’s point of view, establishing what she’s seeing in her intoxicated state, driving home that narrative which relates so well with the song.

“Iguana” is available to download and stream right now through Global Records under exclusive licence to Roc Nation. It is the second single from her upcoming fifth studio album “YO”, which is set to be released in 2019, as revealed in our exclusive interview.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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