Introducing: Sara-Louise Hutton

Here at CelebMix, we love introducing our readers to up and coming talent, along with new artists to listen to. We now introduce you to the extremely talented singer and song-writer Sara-Louise Hutton from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Her passion for music was ignited from a young age. She sang at various family events, and grew up in a family who also had a passion for music. Sara-Louise also supported Ryan Lawrie on the Belfast date of his ‘Perfect Picture Tour’ in August 2017, continuing to perform at different events in her home town.

She has recently released her debut single ‘Another Day,’ with the track raising awareness on the topic of mental health. ‘Another Day’ showcases Sara-Louise’s phenomenal vocals and her talent as both a vocalist and a song-writer.

Speaking about the single on one of her social media accounts recently, Sara-Louise shared the following:

‘I wrote ‘Another Day’ to shed light on mental health and suicide in Northern Ireland, as it is a huge issue. I wanted to write a song that had a meaning to me and that had a meaning to others. The song has very deep and meaningful lyrics, but I wanted a positive dance beat to show that the song has a positive outcome! No matter how you are feeling, things get better! I hope ‘Another Day’ gives you hope, because it gave me it.’ 

We had the chance to speak with Sara-Louise about her single ‘Another Day,’ the message she wants to convey through her music, and what else she is working on:

What was your main reason for getting in to music?

My main reason for getting in to music was my passion for song-writing and singing. As a kid, I used to sing at family parties and weddings and I loved it! I grew up with a very amazing family, who also loved music, and encouraged me to become better than ever. I always dreamed of writing my own music and spreading my message to others and hopefully help them with my lyrics.’ 

You recently released your debut single, titled ‘Another Day.’ How did that feel for you?

It feels absolutely amazing, knowing my song that I worked very hard on is now out and public! I worked hard on my lyrics and put all my emotions into them. ‘Another Day’ is about my struggles with mental health and suicidal thoughts. I wrote this song to help my own mental health, but most importantly to try and spread my message to others and hopefully help them too. I got so much positive feedback from the song and it feels great to know people can relate to the lyrics.’ 

How did you come up with the concept of the music video?

‘The video for ‘Another Day’ is very different than any video I have seen. The lyrics in ‘Another Day’ tell the story that I am lost and afraid and in the video I show that. I loved filming the video as it was filmed in some awesome places, including abandoned buildings and Belfast Castle.’ 

Is there any particular message that you strive to have conveyed through your music?

‘My main message that I want to share with my music is that it’s okay not to be okay. I write my music about my own personal experiences so it takes a big place in my heart. I hope I can help others with my lyrics, as that’s all I want to do.’

Have you anything else lined up – an EP/potential album?

‘At the moment, I am working on a new single called ‘Higher.’ ‘Higher’ is about my low points and high points in my life. It has a very positive beat and also has very positive lyrics. The message behind ‘Higher’ is that you need to believe in all your abilities. I am so excited to release my second single!’ 

‘Another Day’ can be purchased from iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster