Introducing Singer Taylor Ames

Taylor Ames is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Essex who focuses mainly on acoustic songs and covers and melts all our hearts along the way!

As an unsigned artist, Taylor has released 2 EP’s as well as all of his youtube covers released as singles. With such a wide range of music, but so little songs, the Essex lad is only just starting out and is always helping out other songwriters fulfil their dreams too. Isn’t he lovely?

His music creates the perfect chill-out songs, which you can’t get out of your head for days on end.

Not only does he make amazing music, but he is also so lovely to his fans and tries to reply to all of his messages on not only Twitter but Facebook too! Being so down to earth really highlights the tone and mood of his work and makes fans love him even more!

It’s always risky, covering such massively popular songs, but I think he does it beautifully and doesn’t take away any of the magic, despite putting his own spin on them all. I mean, how much are we loving his One Direction cover?

If you’re loving his music as much as I am, check it out here, and download it FOR FREE.

Maybe this review will help you decide your opinion of him:

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Written by CelebMix