Is SharePoint Enough for Your Business?

SharePoint Online has made rapid strides in the few years that it has been launched. It will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Now that begs the question, is it time for SharePoint Online Migration? Many old users have been using SharePoint since its earliest versions. Some of them continue to use versions as old as SharePoint 2003. There have been many later releases, the latest being SharePoint 2019. Yet, SharePoint Online has many new features that are always being updated. Let us understand if SharePoint Online is enough for your modern business.

How SharePoint Adds Value to Office 365

SharePoint was originally perceived as a collaboration platform. It was the foundation for most intranet sites as well as a significant number of public-facing sites. The emergence of newer technologies has resulted in SharePoint being upgraded to do more than the basic function that it was originally designed to do. 

Today SharePoint Online is an integral part of the Office 365 suite. When you do a SharePoint migration to Office 365, you are getting much more than what you were on the older on-premises system. You get Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, and other services that depend heavily on SharePoint Online for document sharing and collaboration.

What More Than SharePoint Online Is Needed?

If you take a look at some of the modern websites, you will notice that they have some important components that are almost universally shared among larger organizations. Let us take a look at what more is needed for modernizing your business.

Good User Experience 

You can use SharePoint for a wide range of purposes. Earlier, it was being used as a preferred platform for storing files for departments near the place where their use is maximum. Now, with Office 365 and affordable Azure WVD pricingthere are much smarter ways of accessing resources and information that can help in personalizing. All users can be provided exactly what they need based on the pages, sites, and other resources they use frequently.

Content Curation

The employees of every modern business need to learn new skills. This is what will help them upgrade their careers as well as the organizations to become more profitable. When information is dynamically presented to users, they can consume it more seamlessly. External users can also be shown more relevant products and services that are being offered by the business. Imagine the benefits if you get to know exactly what users do before and after they have visited the page.

Reliable Templates

With modern SharePoint Online with Office 365, all you need to do to create a nice page for your internal users is to drag and drop components like text, videos, images, sections, widgets, and columns. That does not require any coding skills whatsoever. All this is achievable with templates. This way, authors can focus on the content they produce without having to depend overly on a web designer to create an aesthetically pleasing site.

Needless to say, one platform cannot do all the functions that you need, and one provider cannot render all the services you need for your business. Nevertheless, SharePoint Online in Office 365 is the perfect place to start for a comprehensive solution for your business.

Written by Monella