Jaime Brings the Heat on “Free,” ft. Franniethefirst

Drummer, producer, and sound designer Jaime, aka Joe Styppa, released his brand-new single, “Free,” just a few days ago, a collaboration with Franniethefirst.

“Free” is about the difficulty of “being real” in today’s world, not veiling yourself in misguided self-expression and simulated self-confidence.

Based in south Germany, Jaime lives and works in the countryside, writing and recording music blending a variety of stylistic modes, including rap, R&B, future bass, and any other arrays of sonic elements conveying authentic uniqueness.

Amalgamating drums, percussion, synths, and his alluring vocals, Jaime fashions innovative music at once energetic and superior, music imbued with affecting emotions – urban deluxe music.

On his debut album, Jaime collaborated with various artists and friends, allowing each to add their inimitable flair to this exciting new project.

Jaime’s live performances merge Jovian beats, delicious percussive accents, and first-class vocal timbres into music extending the realms of contemporary music, brimming with audacity and bold fresh vibes, sans restraint or standard matrix.

“Free” opens on a beguiling alt-trap rhythm, topped by luminous washes of scintillating coloration, giving the melody coruscating, percolating coloration. Exceptional vocals imbue the lyrics with a plush rapping flow, ranging from smooth and melodic to deep and gravelly, brimming with luscious rasping tones.

A shimmering breakdown shifts the harmonics, and then flows into swashbuckling layers of alt-trap textures, simultaneously tantalizing and thrumming with potent momentum.

With “Free,” Jaime and Franniethefirst generate a fusion of marvelously infectious alt-trap with hints of galvanizing R&B oomph.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.