Jewellery with no Boundaries

When you’re in Manhattan, New York, there’s no shortage of world famous Jewellers about. Tiffany’s on fifth avenue had its own movie, and Cartier’s flagship store on the very same street is bedded with a deep history intertwined with the Big Apple itself. And yet, amongst that bedazzling circuit of heavy hitters, a new breed of Jewellers are quietly changing the game. 

A stone’s throw away from Midtown, in Little Italy, Vladdy’s Diamonds is one of those stores. Started by Russian born Vladdy Aminov, whose story curtails an American Dream-esq immigration from the motherland to seek new opportunities, Vladdy’s Diamonds has become the go-to for those wanting custom-made pieces with no boundaries.

Famous for its unique customer experience, Vladdy’s Diamonds specialises in everything from custom made rings and necklaces to astonishingly detailed customisations of new and vintage watches. With unmatched precision and attention to detail, Vladdy’s pieces have found themselves on customers from the likes of Cardi B to G-Eazy. His instagram is sprawled with images of one-of-a-kind, mesmerising diamond encrusted pieces and reaction videos of the lucky individuals receiving them.  

But it wasn’t always peachy. Like many entrepreneurs starting out, Vladdy faced a mountain of challenges before tasting success. Dropping out of high school with only 36 credits, Vladdy found himself working two jobs just to keep afloat. He quit both for an internship at a local jeweller, which is where he found his passion and cut his teeth, but was also where discovered how not to run a business – having been at the receiving end of workplace bullying and harassment. 

And yet, today, Vladdy runs his own multi-million dollar enterprise with plans on expanding. As their flagship location in New York grows, Vladdy’s Diamonds takes aim at other US states and global endeavours, and for us, we’re just excited to see where the journey takes them. 

Keep up to date with Vladdy and his business via their socials @vladdysdiamonds.

Written by Monella