Jonas Brothers Reunion?

“Ohhhhh this is an S.O.S”

Ah, the Jonas Brothers, the three brothers from New Jersey with wild hair that stole your “Heart and Soul” ;) when you were in middle school. Can your 2008 hearts take it, because a Jonas Brothers reunion might be coming sooner than you think?

Middle brother, Joe Jonas, caught up with PrideSource. When asked what would reunite the brothers Joe stated “Time itself. Seeing where things will lead us. It’s easy to say we’re done and that we’re never doing it again, but then we both look at each other and go, “We obviously get along.” And who knows – years from now we could be like, “All right, let’s make a record.” It could easily happen.” Do you hear screaming or is it just us??

Baby Jonas, Nick, is currently topping music charts for his solo effort. (Did you SEE him on the American Music Awards?? We’re still swooning.) Joe, is currently part of a new band DNCE that just finished a mini US tour to support their debut EP “Swaay” (We went. We are forever changed.). Oldest brother Kevin, is living the normal life in New Jersey, married to wife Danielle, and most likely chasing around his one year old daughter Alena. Each brother is taking on different route but we hope one day down the line (or very very soon…either works for us), we can hear “When You Look Me In The Eyes” live again and sob hysterically.

But for now, enjoy this throwback:

Written by CelebMix