Joshua KYEOT Drops Debut Music Video For The Song “Still”

Today marks the release of Joshua KYEOT’s debut music video. He has been releasing music for a couple of years, with his feature on Tyde’s 2015 single “Anything” being his most streamed track to date. As for his own work he released his debut solo single, “Only One” in 2017, with his follow-up “Playground Sweethearts” becoming his most-streamed Spotify solo track.

Having grown up in both Accra, Ghana, and Croyden, UK, Joshua KYEOT continues to prove his ability to draw inspiration from both places for his music. His voice is unique to him, and easily identifiable to the extent where he can easily showcase his vocal ability. Making waves in his career, he sold out his first headline show at the Servant Jazz Quarters and performed at BBC Introducing.

This song, “Still”, is one of three tracks on his EP She Loves Me Not, which was released last month. It has been produced by Max Marlow, engineered by Ollie Dow, and mastered by Matt Colton/Alchemy Mastering; whilst, the music video has been directed by Amber Saunders.

Talking about the song and the video, Joshua KYEOT said: “‘Still’ is about knowing that you deserve better for yourself and even though you may be pursuing better it can be damn near impossible to relish in your improved life. The person who hurt you is what you wanted and what you still want.”

Watch Joshua KYEOT’s Music Video For The Song “Still” Here:

The song is raw and full of emotion, enough to give every single listener chills as you hear exactly the message he conveys. We can feel his pain in the lyrics, and that’s what makes this such a great song.

As for the music video, it has really taken the story of the song and implemented it into a perfect visual. We watch Joshua KYEOT spending time with his love-interest, having a great time and being really happy; yet, interspersed throughout is flashbacks to a time when he was with another woman who he loved, and still loves, but back then he wasn’t happy. If the narrative wasn’t enough for you, there are clips of a performance piece that really pulls at your heartstrings as it’s clear this song means a lot to him, every time he sings it.

“Still” is available to stream and download as part of a three-track EP, titled She Loves Me Not. Joshua KYEOT is set to headline at the Seabright Arms, London on 7 February 2019, at 8pm. Get your tickets here.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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