Justen Alias

Justen Alias: Who the Biggest Athletes Call When Looking for Their Offseason Home

Athletes and celebrities often head south to Miami in their downtime, in search of a little R&R. These high-profile clients want to work with someone they trust and respect, so they call Justen Alias. Alias is hands-on with his clients and specializes in athlete and celebrity relocation. 

Alias credits much of his success to his unique marketing approach. He utilizes social media, developing websites and technology to build his client list, specifically in the sports and entertainment niche. He works with a lot of sports agents and business managers, so he partners with them to ensure their clients are happy.

Most recently, Alias leased a luxurious 6 bed 5 bath home in Miami Beach to an NBA player as a home to use in the offseason. “The client needed the home ASAP, so I rushed to find the perfect off-season home to relax and enjoy the summer. I knew the house would be a perfect fit because it’s super modern,” said Alias.

With the real estate market currently booming, Alias sees no signs of slowing down in Miami or his other primary market, Los Angeles. “LA will always be a luxury powerhouse, and Miami will continue to grow in the luxury market,” he said.

Many of Alias’ clients are now in the position to purchase homes, so he is looking forward to assisting and guiding them through the process of finding the perfect home. 

He also owns and operates Moving Miami Florida and Miami Luxury Leases, two websites designed to help clients navigate the luxury sales and rentals in the Miami area.

Get in touch with him through his websites or follow him on Instagram to stay in the know of all the happenings in the Miami real estate industry.

Written by Celebmix