Kate Faust Releases Music Video for “Trouble” 1

Kate Faust Releases Music Video for “Trouble”

Kate Faust is a singer, songwriter, producer, and poet from Los Angeles, California who will suck you in as soon as you hear her seductive voice. Listening to Kate’s latest single (“Trouble”) off of her Savior EP, listeners are enchanted by delicious dark beats as she sings, “Trouble, trouble coming for you / Devil’s got his eyes on you / Trouble, trouble coming for you / Nothing you can say or do / Trouble, trouble coming for you / Now it’s time to pay what’s due.”


According to Kate, “Trouble” is an affirmation of karma. “There are many people and forces in our world right now who are being met with full weight of the evil they’ve done to others,” says Kate. “I’m proud to stand with all women and all people who have been abused and disenfranchised by systems of power and violence. We refuse to be complacent in this.  We’re ready to name the evil that we see and to build something better for the future. Now it’s time to pay what’s due!”

And on that note, don’t worry if someone did you wrong, because karma will get them back. Just enjoy YOUR life and do what makes YOU happy. And of course, if you see something going on, say something. You can easily save someone with the power of your voice.

Check out Kate’s video for “Trouble” below:

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