Kelsy Karter visualises Rock ‘n’ Roll in ‘God Knows I’ve Tried’

Kelsy Karter's 'God Knows I've Tried' music video is here!

Rock ‘n’ Roll star Kelsy Karter has released the music video to her latest single, ‘God Knows I’ve Tried’

If you’re a regular reader of our articles, you may be familiar with Kelsy Karter. We discovered her when she released ‘Too Many Hearts To Break’ earlier this year. However, fall has arrived and a few singles later, she has made the switch from rock pop to pure rock ‘n’ roll. Previous singles include, ‘Out Of Drugs’ and ‘Easy Tiger’, which we interviewed Karter about upon release.

Last week, Kelsy Karter released her latest piece of musical work, ‘God Knows I’ve Tried’ and it’s gone on to prove her recent status as a rock ‘n’ roll star is for keeps. The recent single from Karter is already gaining a mass of critical acclaim, which is only going to catapult even further now we have accompanying visuals to appreciate in the form of a music video.

Within the single’s music video, we see a younger Kelsy wandering through deserted train tracks singing along to the new single, which then turns to modern Kelsy sitting in a car dancing with her friends to the track. Towards the end of the music video, we see Karter and her friends queue in a line looking up to Mars which references the ‘to walk on Mars’ lyric within ‘God Knows I’ve Tried’.

Kelsy Karter’s previous single, ‘Sad Sad Summer’ was also praised similarly to ‘God Knows I’ve Tried’ as it received critical acclaim for it’s visual Andy Warhol references.

We’re excited to see Kelsy Karter rocket even further into rock ‘n’ roll stardom and ‘God Knows I’ve Tried’ is her ticket to Mars. Whilst there was meant to be a debut EP, ‘Bad Girl, Sad Girl’ in May, we have a feeling a debut LP from Karter is in the works and it is just going to be stellar!

Kelsy Karter’s new single, ‘God Knows I’ve Tried’ is out now.

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